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Just lie back and think of (New) England

Apparently there is an organization out there that features liberals that are trying to arrange an exchange of sexual favors for pledges to not vote for President Bush.

Apart from the legal implications, let me just say that I am shocked, shocked at the mere notion of such a plan. And I am not just speaking as a heterosexual, unattached male in his mid-30ís who lives in a swing state and is a registered Democrat who is strongly leaning towards voting for President Bush, but willing to listen to persuasion (see e-mail below) and with access to a web site read by a LOT of people every day, but on behalf of all people of decency and strong moral fiber. Something MUST be done about this!



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Comments (16)

Well, Monica Lewinsky proba... (Below threshold)

Well, Monica Lewinsky probably does have some time on her hands now...

Just goes to confirm all th... (Below threshold)

Just goes to confirm all the suspicions you sexually repressed Conservatives have had about us for awhile doesnt it. Okay, ya beat it out of me JT, we are going to eventually win by out procreating you people. We are all about booty calls, gettin busy, doing the nasty type stuff.
What can I tell ya!

didn't someone say "if you ... (Below threshold)

didn't someone say "if you can't drink their booze, take their money, F*** their women and vote against them, you have no business in politics?"

I think it's a great idea and perhaps they should post their phone numbers in high traffic areas where voter turnout is iffy, like certain neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the Bronx and the far upper west side of manhattan.

Gentlemen, you know what to do.

Comeone Newshound.... I mea... (Below threshold)

Comeone Newshound.... I mean other than the kid George (Ricky Martin) Bush III or whatever the hell his name is, have you ever seen a sexy republican dude. LMAO! I mean we have you cats so out cooled, it aint even funny.
Besides I heard that it is a secret republican Mantra that you can only do it Missionary style, and in the dark, LMAO, the girls on that site dont look like they would be into that, but I will be sure to let you guys know. ;-)

The only problem is that li... (Below threshold)

The only problem is that liberal woman are almost all ugly. The conservative chicks are hot.

Don't make me post links David.

Please do. Pretty Please, ... (Below threshold)

Please do. Pretty Please, preferably naked ones. Oh Hells bells, I forgot, Conservative women dont get naked.

we are going to eventual... (Below threshold)

we are going to eventually win by out procreating you people.

...and then having abortions.


Thats a myth McGehee, all o... (Below threshold)

Thats a myth McGehee, all of us dont believe in abortion ya know. LOL! Ya seen my family lately?

Don't tell me you can vote ... (Below threshold)

Don't tell me you can vote AND breed?!? The first one was scary enough.

Don't tell me you can vote ... (Below threshold)

Don't tell me you can vote AND breed?!? The first one was scary enough.

You betcha, and read and wr... (Below threshold)

You betcha, and read and write and all kind of cool stuff, and chew bubble gum and walk at the same time too. Its not that unique with people on my side, perhaps with George Bush as your example for 4 years you have forgotten the possibilities. LMAO.

David, women with liberal v... (Below threshold)

David, women with liberal values are far more likely to have abortions that women with conservative values. This is not to say that liberal women won't have any children, only that they are having proportionally fewer than conservative women. Try a Google search with "Taranto Roe Effect" and see what comes up. And then you'll realize that the Democrats lost the 2000 election because more fetuses who would have grown up to become Democratic voters were aborted between 1973-1982 than the number of fetuses who would have grown up to become Republican voters, simply because more conservative women kept the babies and raised the children with conservative values. Now, not all children of conservatives become conservatives when they grow up, but in most cases, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Let's face it, you've suffered through 3-1/2 years of Republican domination because of the Roe Effect, and you'll probably have to suffer another four years after the election in November.

I have to say this: I'd fee... (Below threshold)

I have to say this: I'd feel dirty if I ever slept with a republican. That may be a crude thing to say, but it is true. This isn't about "democrats are more freaky", or my likelyhood of becoming an accidental father. Its a judgement, and its a judgement which I can never escape. (Plus, conservatism has a big impact on 'creativity')

That being said, if a pretty girl lied to me and told me she was a democrat... I'd fall for it (as long as she was a good lier). Because its sex, and for crying out loud -- its not like these democrats are going to sleep with anybody... thats not how it works. Its a publicity stunt, and its a good one. I mean, say what you will about 'values', sex sells, and abstience creates child molesters and Iranian extremists.

For just a pledge? Sounds ... (Below threshold)

For just a pledge? Sounds quite intelligent to me. Everybody knows that a guy will never lie for sex.

I pride myself on being honest, but in this case it seems well considered to f the fthevote chicks (both figuratively and physically).

I think it's hilarious, but... (Below threshold)

I think it's hilarious, but my favorite part is that she says repeatedly that whoring themselves is "the only means at our disposal" for getting people to vote against Bush. Says a lot for Kerry, doesn't it?

Some of those girls would be worth a heartfelt lie, tho. Just be sure to use a whole-body condom. Oh, and bring a razor. Or maybe an electric hedgetrimmer.

Ouch. Tanya, that was incr... (Below threshold)

Ouch. Tanya, that was incredibly coarse and mean-spirited. And funny.

It's the hygiene, Stupid!






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