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Heads up to Wizbang readers, and a partial explanation for my haphazard posting schedule.

Working with the other bloggers covering the Republican National Convention in New York, I've started rncbloggers.com. There's nothing much to see there today, but that will be changing in the coming days.

The idea behind the site is to will as an aggrecation portal for excerpts from the blogs onsite covering the convention. You'll be able to monitor the coverage of all the blogs there and click through the read the articles that interest you. There are other plans afoot, like a discussion forum, multimedia section, etc. but the current task is to finish the backend work and bring the site live. Special thanks to Pete Holiday for the yoemans work on the RSS aggregation.


Designer - If you are a designer, especially of blogs, we need a convention themed design. There is no money to pay you (sorry), but there will be free advertising of your work (and a link to your design business) on a site sure to get a lots of traffic. The basic idea is a left sidebar and two columns of content on the right. Reusing existing designs is fine. Forward me a picture (or link to ) an example of your idea. Obviously I can only pick one design, so I'll thank those who send ideas in advance. You can contact me if you have any additional questions.

Forum Mods - If we do implement a discussion forum we'll need some hall monitors as the RNC blogger crew will be busy reporting on the convention.

Bookmark the rncbloggers.com, within the next week it will be rocking...


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Comments (3)

What's a hall monitor??... (Below threshold)

What's a hall monitor??

I'll be happy to volunteer ... (Below threshold)

I'll be happy to volunteer for "hall monitor" work.

I also offered (later thread about the RNC bloggers, because I only now read this thread from earlier, sorry) to design you Madison Square Bloggers (that's what the RNC Convention site is calling you) a logo/icon/button to head the blogroll and/or use anywhere else (on your site, whatever).

Just let me know -- send email to this link here or else just correspond here. I can design you a logo and a lot of other things if needed for the Convention but I'm no "webmaster" master...but, yes, can design a basic site if you want, although someone else would need to help with the programming...

Let's see, no Dreamweaver, so that's a problem but I have FrontPage which drives me batty but I can use it. Blog template galore if you want to go that way...

(Copy of same comments I ju... (Below threshold)

(Copy of same comments I just added to other thread here about the GOP/RNC Bloggers logotype and other design):

O.K., I went ahead and designed some logos fer ya'...

I touched up the RNC Convention logo so won't need an improved file version now...

Here are links to the two VERTICAL variations, so far:

(1.) GREYTYPE Bloggers:

(2.) WHITETYPE Bloggers:


BOTH those versions (same designs, different color type for "BLOGGERS") are available at pixel image size WIDTHS starting at:

100 pixels wide

in enlarging increments of +10 all the way through to

250 pixels wide.

So, there are a variety of file sizes available for anyone to chose from.

My suggestion is that the "WHITETYPE" versions work better at the smaller sizes, while the "GREYTYPE" letters work better at 200 wide and up to the maximum size of 250 pixels wide.

But, anyone can use any of them...

IF THESE ARE USABLE, let me know and I can provide the URLs for the various file sizes and/or send whatever file size anyone wants as an e-mail attachment.

Please don't direct-link to my site URLs for the Files, however; if you want to use any file size of these logos, let me know and I'll send you an attachment and/or provide the site URL that you can find yourself and then copy and host on your own site.

I'll work up a HORIZONTAL adaptation of the design if anyone wants....

Again, let me know, e-mail link is provided with this comment.






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