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McEnroe Double Faults

On TV, John McEnroe isn't even up to test pattern standards...

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - Patience is the watchword at CNBC, despite low ratings for the cable channel's fledgling primetime lineup, especially tennis star-turned-talker John McEnroe, whose show has twice registered a 0.0 rating.

For years, CNBC has been trying to find a primetime identity apart from its markets-and-business focus so familiar to daytime viewers. Beginning with "Dennis Miller" this year and continuing last month with the debut of "McEnroe," CNBC has tried a different tack. "McEnroe" premiered -- amid heavy promotion and plugs by NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker -- on July 7 to a 0.3 household rating and 266,000 viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Since then, the 10 p.m. talk show's ratings haven't been all that much to write home about. It's failed to hold an audience from its lead-in, "Dennis Miller." And in recent weeks "McEnroe" achieved a mark of dubious distinction, once on July 27 during the Democratic National Convention and again Aug. 2, with a 0.0 household rating. The average audience for "McEnroe" hit a low of 39,000 on July 27. Monday's show averaged 66,000 viewers with a 0.1 household rating.

"When you're trying to do something as unique as we are during primetime, you have to look at it over time," CNBC senior vp primetime Bob Meyers said. "We want to hold on to our business day audience, and expand upon that."

The numbers say they're failing.


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Comments (7)

Interesting info. I actull... (Below threshold)

Interesting info. I actully really like the Dennis Miller show. But as far as networks I'm a foxnews fan. Too bad they aren't getting better ratings though.

"McEnroe" premiered -- a... (Below threshold)

"McEnroe" premiered -- amid heavy promotion and plugs by NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker -- on July 7...

You coulda fooled me. This post is the first I've heard of the show. Where were they promoting it? CNBC itself?

without his wife, Johnnie M... (Below threshold)

without his wife, Johnnie Mac is toast.
(and more friends on the coach ... I really wanna hear about your dinner last night in some godforsaken club.)

I find it ironic that the s... (Below threshold)

I find it ironic that the spokesman for a disposable razor that always leaves some stubble has managed to completely shave away his audience.

Anyone remember the Chevy C... (Below threshold)

Anyone remember the Chevy Chase talk show? I've watched McEnroe's effort and there seems to be similarities to Chase's failure. There's no charisma.

On the other hand, I hope Dennis Miller succeeds. I get a kick out of his program.

Note to Bob Meyers: If you... (Below threshold)

Note to Bob Meyers: If you want to do something “unique” in prime time, and “hold on to your business audience”, how about trying a little porn?

Lets start with Maria Bartiromo going topless at 6:00.


I’d stick around after 5:00 to see that.

And Liz Claman nude at 10:00 would surely be a bigger draw than Johnny Mac.


Think outside the box, man….

I watched the first two sho... (Below threshold)

I watched the first two shows. It was so painful to watch. Definitely no charisma at all. It seems like he's floundering through the whole show.

I couldn't bear watching it again.

And Jmaster, how about a little something for the ladies in the audience? Why do the men get to have all the fun in your plan?






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