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N.J. Gov. McGreevey Says He's Homosexual, Will Resign

I'm not exactly sure how his homosexuality plays into the fund-raising scandals, but he seems to have been determined to come all the way out of the closet.

NEW YORK -- In a stunning announcement, Gov. James E. McGreevey announced his resignation Thursday and acknowledged that he had an extramarital affair with another man. "My truth is that I am a gay American," he said.

The married father of two said his resignation would be effective Nov. 15.

...[H]e has been dogged by several scandals involving fund-raising.

McGreevey, a Democrat, rose from suburban mayor to state chief executive by his tenacious pursuit of party politics, maintaining a power base days after he narrowly lost to Republican Christie Whitman in 1997.

McGreevey never truly stopped that campaign until he won in November 2001, beating Republican Bret Schundler by 15 percentage points.

Allegedly he's going to be accused of rape and/or bribery to cover[ing] up a homosexual affair with a staff member. In case you're feeling like he's such a brave guy for coming out, it's also worth considering what a dickhead he is for putting a wife and children through this.

Of course somehow this will all be the fault of the evil Republicans.

Update: More on the the affair with Israeli poet and former state homeland security adviser Golan Cipel at NJ.com: Weblogs, and Editor & Publisher.

Update 2: See I told you someone would try to blame Republicans.


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Comments (26)

C'mon Kevin, you're jumping... (Below threshold)

C'mon Kevin, you're jumping to partisan acrimony rather quickly, aren't you?

"Of course somehow this wil... (Below threshold)

"Of course somehow this will all be the fault of the evil Republicans."

Got enough nails for your cross there dude?

Yeah, it's a selfish thing ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, it's a selfish thing for him to do (even if the affair was entirely consentual).

But I'm sure the fact it was a gay affair has no bearing on your outrage, right?

And I bet your friend AllahPundit accusing McGreevey of "liking boys" (a 31-year-old man is a "boy"?) is just a typo.

How about this spin: ... (Below threshold)

How about this spin:

If homosexual marriage was legal, Mr. McGreevey could have married another man years ago, and they could have shared a happy, productive life together. His current family would never have suffered so much pain, and he would have had no fear of being blackmailed over his lifestyle. The Republican party continues to oppress “Gay Americans” by opposing homosexual marriage, and today, they brought unnecessary sorrow to a decent family, and a great loss to the entire state of New Jersey.

I think it sucks what he di... (Below threshold)

I think it sucks what he did to his wife. Period. Not only that he played her, but that he exposed his playing her on International (CNN) TV. That sucks.

Of course, you're assuming ... (Below threshold)

Of course, you're assuming that Ms. McGreevey didn't know he husband was gay. If she did know, and was okay with it, it officially becomes none of our damn business.

I'm disturbed by how his wi... (Below threshold)

I'm disturbed by how his wife and children will be affected. It sure seems like he didn't think of them first.

It is not a big deal to be ... (Below threshold)

It is not a big deal to be gay, it is a huge deal when you decide to live your life in the closet and play at being straight. He has a wife (or 2) and kids and my heart breaks for them.

His wife stood there all supportive and smiling. Whatelse could she do? Had she balked i am sure she would have been crucified for being insensitive to her husbands plight.

The idea that anyone would feel sorry for this man makes me nauseated. The fact is simple, like Kobe...had he kept his dick in his pants, none of this would have happened.

I'm greatly disturbed that ... (Below threshold)

I'm greatly disturbed that I agree with Don Myers.

this is another case where people are rushing to judgments ("Oooooh, his poor wife!") befor ethye have adequate information. How do you know that his wife hasn't known for some time?

But Joe, I believe that Allah was being cute, NOT implying that the guvnah was a pedophile.

Bill:That may be t... (Below threshold)


That may be the case. Allah is a wiseass.

As far as Don goes ... I agree, based on the current info, but:

* If the sex was not consensual (after all, this is a subordinate at work), then it's not a private matter.
* I'm glad that their kid is young enough that this will blow over by the time she can understand what's going on.

Well, this is one time when... (Below threshold)
Gerard Van der Leun:

Well, this is one time when Kevin's framing of the Guv as a dickhead actually pretty much sums it up.

As for Joe vs. Allah, I know Allah, and Joe, you're no Allah.

If you were, you'd have a sense of humor instead of an knee implant.

AFLACK!!! too friggin funny... (Below threshold)

AFLACK!!! too friggin funny, Kevin.

I needed a laugh today!!


he did not resign because h... (Below threshold)

he did not resign because he's gay.

he resigned because his lover is going to sue him

this lover had been appointed to an office he was not qualified for


subsequently got a series of hi-paying jobs at powerful NJ lobbying offices,
includig a job with Kushner who was just indicted for illegal campaign contributions to the guv, and for trying to balckmail his brother-in-law (who is a witness for the prosecution - kushner tried to accomplish this by using a protitue to entrap his
b-i-l into a compromising situation).

the coming-out announcement was a cafefully thought out - and cynical - strategy to

get public sympathy

short-circuit the ex-lover's ability to squeeze him for money out-of-court

and to protect the guvnership for the Democrat Party.

NJ'ers should demand he step down.

NJ'ers should demand a FEDERAL PROBE into allegations that mcgreevey did favors for lobbyists who hired his lover.

Someone in NJ should call the US Attorney and get the ball rolling....

Of course somehow this w... (Below threshold)

Of course somehow this will all be the fault of the evil Republicans.

That's biting political humor, apparently not going over well. See he's a Democrat... and who runs against Democrats? Ergo a Rovian Republican plot. Nevermind...

It's also worth noting that... (Below threshold)

It's also worth noting that the Governor isn't resigning until November 15th. As I understand it, under New Jersey law, a vacancy in the office of Governor must result in an election to be held at the next regular election cycle (in November), as long as there are at least 60 days before the election.

"I'm resigning, but not for over three months. And pay no attention to the law suit in the wings."

After the Torricelli/Lautenberg switcheroo, this is small potatoes.

Sheesh... it's Clinton all ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Sheesh... it's Clinton all over again, but at least this sleazeball has the decency to resign.
Here's a guy who was not only boinking a staff member, but an alleged FOREIGN NATIONAL and putting said staffer into high-paying state jobs for which said staffer was not qualified. On that basis alone, all references to gender aside, McGreevey shouldn't resign, he should be IMPEACHED.

"Don't dip your pen in the company inkwell."
"Don't crap where you live."
"Thou shalt not comfort thy staff with thy rod."

When even the JOKES about a form of misconduct have become cliches, you know it's bad.


No big secret he's gay. And... (Below threshold)
Mike in Cape May:

No big secret he's gay. And certainly no secret from his wife. He broke his leg down here with his "close, personal advisor" at his side and his wife high-tailed it down here to cover for him. So it's their business, not mine. Except that he's also corrupt and screwing the honest people in NJ every possible chance he has. Good riddance to the bastard and I hope we can somehow force him out before the deadline for a special election. He wasn't forced out for being gay, just for being corrupt, and there's a big difference.

Sadly, Kevin's sarcastic co... (Below threshold)

Sadly, Kevin's sarcastic comment about this being the fault of evil Republicans was spot on. Democratic Underground has already ranted that this is a "Rove plot" or the dirty work of the "Bushies."

That Rove is one smart and... (Below threshold)

That Rove is one smart and powerful feller. Poor innocent McGreedy, appoints a security advisor that can't even get an effing security clearance, diddles him, before or during. the employee files suit and it's Rove's fault. Boooosh! Rove!
Oh, and those Florida hurricanes? Boooosh! Rove! The plague of locusts in Darfur? Boooosh! Rove!

I should have realized afte... (Below threshold)

I should have realized after the Glenn/Atrios t-shirt flap that being a right-winger means always having to say you're sorry.

For the record, no, I emphatically did NOT mean to imply that McGreevey has a thing for children. I think he likes "boys" in the same way that I like "girls." I.e., tanned, taut, and of legal age.

Peter,You are so r... (Below threshold)


You are so right. Never mind the destruction and possible deaths caused by these storms/hurricanes...if any voting machines are destroyed, Oh My God, it will be a cover-up of mass proportions/"repeat" of the 2000 election.

Predictable DU response:
Jeb destroyed the voting machines AND the polling locations to disenfranchise voters. Someone please alert the media!

Don't you know that this is... (Below threshold)

Don't you know that this is the Joooooooos' fault...? After all, it *had* to be an Israeli plot to undermine good will and decency by preying on an innocent, closeted homosexual Governor...

But this Guv had the bravery to hide behind his own family, and the decency to resign in time to ensure no special election would be held. Bravo!

I don't care if the wanker's wife is the clone of HRC herself...I second the motion to call the AJ's office...NOW.

Allah:Fair enough.... (Below threshold)


Fair enough.

(And I think the "Celebrate Diversity" flap is a non-issue.)

daniel and Boyd are correct... (Below threshold)

daniel and Boyd are correct in their appraisal of the situation. In addition to diverting the people's attention from the mismanagement and corruption scandals, McGreevey's speech positioned him perfectly for a comeback. Just give it a little time.

"If homosexual marriage was... (Below threshold)

"If homosexual marriage was legal, Mr. McGreevey could have married another man years ago, and they could have shared a happy, productive life together...The Republican party continues to oppress “Gay Americans” by opposing homosexual marriage, and today, they brought unnecessary sorrow to a decent family, and a great loss to the entire state of New Jersey."

Excuse me, but I guess I missed something. When did the Republican Party take control of the Mass. legislature? You know, the legislature that has approved a constitutional amendment to overturn their state's gay marriage supreme court decision and ban gay marriage? Cause I coulda SWORN that this legislature was controlled by the Democrats.

Oh well - I'm sure that George Bush has brainwashed them. Or something.

I guess Lanny Davis is too ... (Below threshold)

I guess Lanny Davis is too busy right now with the Kerry meltdown, the Clarke and Plame/Wilson discrediting and the Berger sock-stuffing to get any talking points out, so I'll pick up the slack here.

Basically, this is a huge scandal drummed up by BushRove, probably outsourced to the Halliburton Scandal Generation Division.

Who cares if Mr. McGreevey appointed an unqualified foreign national (ineligible for security clearance) to the state's top homeland security position? And if he's banging subordinates, it's none of our business, it's between him and his wife. You Rethugs talk about marriage, but here you are intruding into the sanctity of Mr. McGreevey's and his wife's relationship, and I think that's disgusting. Shame, shame...

Besides, it's not like there's any kind of terrorist threat to anyplace in New Jersey, especially not to any place in North Jersey. Why that place is nothing but ports, financial institutions, government offices and road/bridge infrastructure. There's never been a threat to such places, never will be.

Like me an' Jim Carville always say, it's just more Repubberlickin' panty sniffing, and I think it's shameful, and I'm going to go back to Democratic Underground and have an overwrought meltdown about it now, and convince myself that if only George Bush was pushing gay marriage, that this never would have happened...






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