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Why Kerry Really Hates Bush

This is supposed to make Bush some sort of asshole, but confessing to (fictional) war crimes in front of Congress makes Kerry a swell guy.


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"Mission Accomplished," on ... (Below threshold)

"Mission Accomplished," on the Russian Babe, now to matters more serious. Ole Georgie would have been right at home in Los Angeles' Southern Football League. LOL! The only thing he did wrong on this was to be dumb enough to do it in front of a camera. Hell we used to punch guys all the time, of course it was American Football, not this barbaric High Brow Ivy league shit. But hey, its all good. It is actually a pic of George that I can respect. Tells us why he is so good at playing take no prisoners dirty pool now doesnt it.
Anyway, I agree Kevin, it is getting to the point of being ridiculous, who cares that he punched some dude out 35 years ago.

If he got away with it, tha... (Below threshold)

If he got away with it, that would make him .... let's see .... an effective rugby player. If he didn't, and got penalized, oh well, stuff happens in contact sports.

Oh, the horror.

Worse than the fact he deli... (Below threshold)

Worse than the fact he delivered the punch, he didn't get permission from France before throwing it.

Punch??? Looks more like a... (Below threshold)

Punch??? Looks more like a missed head tackle to me. You try to throw a right handed punch with your feet off the ground....

NO one has offered up this:... (Below threshold)

NO one has offered up this:

MAYBE KERRY (err, the other guy in the photo, the one on the right) HEAD BUTTED Bush and Bush is leaping up to avoid the, umm, butting head.

Could be. Could be that Kerry (err, the other guy, on the right) was in violation, could be he was the aggressor. Good thing Bush was ready with that fist.

John Kerry requests Purple ... (Below threshold)

John Kerry requests Purple Heart for Moqtada al Sadr

Teheran Times ^ | 8/13/04 | Abu al Dimikrati

Abu al Dimikrati reporting from Detroit USA for the TEHERAN TIMES

Detroit USA (TT) – Speaking before a crowd of Arab Americans in this city’s enlightened East End district, Favored Infidel of Allah John Kerry demanded that Spawn of Satan George W. Bush press the Navy Department to issue a Purple Heart to Moqtada al Sadr for a heroic scratch he received from infidel American shrapnel in action in the holy city of Najaf.

FIOA Kerry explained to the raucous, cheering crowd of true believers how this was his first initiative in his Sensitive War on Terror. FIOA Kerry brilliantly explained -

“As soon as I take office, my Sensitive Warriors will be forcefully directed to conduct serious studies to find out why all the world’s true believers were so mad at America. Then I will craft a warlike but sensitive, powerful but wise apology to al Islamia before pushing a massive reparations bill through my Democrat controlled House and Senate. This is the one true way to make America safer.”

He went on blaming SOS Bush for this

“…terrible state of affairs we find ourselves in with the entire world mad at us.” He continued that “After apologizing and reparating al Islamia he would wisely but powerfully direct his Sensitive Warriors to start the same process with the French, Germans and Russians. This is my vision for a peaceful world where America is loved, not hated.”

In a later one on one interview he averred to me –

“When I grew up in France I was taught the beauty of the Holy Koran and I knew that someday I would save the enlightened people of al Islamia from the Satans of the West.”

I am happy to report that America will soon be on our side when FIOA John Kerry smashes SOS Bush in November, and to that end we must kill as many Americans and







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