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Jim McGreevey: Icon of gay progress

So, now all the sordid details behind Jim McGreevey’s resignation are coming out, and boy oh boy, are they salacious. The following is a pastiche of information I’ve gleaned from the internet, the news, talk radio, and that creepy, deep voice in my head that tells me to shove a curling iron into my toaster.

Apparently in early 2002 (about six months after 9/11), New Jersey decided they needed a Homeland Security official of some sort. Some officials first approached former FBI Director Louis Freeh, who agreed to take it as an unpaid position. But McGreevey turned down Freeh’s offer, instead offering it to a former State Attorney. When that fellow declined, McGreevey had JUST the perfect person in mind – Golan Cipel. Mr. Cipel, then 31 or so, had eminent qualifications – he was a poet and a retired sailor from the Israeli Navy, as well as the former spokesman for the Israeli Consulate in New York. (By that logic, since I’m a lifelong citizen of Cow Hampshire, I am eminently qualified for any job relating to skiing, maple syrup, and cow tipping. But I digress…) Mr. Cipel was hired at the salary of $110,000 a year (after all, why take Freeh for free when you can have a poet for just $110,000 more?), making him instantly the fifth highest paid official in the state.

One would think that Mr. Cipel’s lack of knowledge, training, or experience in anti-terrorist operations would be the toughest handicaps in his fulfilling the obligations of his office, but the Federal Department of Homeland Security found an even greater one: Mr. Cipel was still an Israeli citizen, and the DHS’s policy about sharing classified information with foreign nationals is quite simple: they don’t. Thus Mr. Cipel had to excuse himself from all but the most trivial, unimportant, meaningless meetings with Federal officials.

This could not stand. McGreevey soon transferred Cipel to another position, as assistant to the Governor. It isn’t quite clear just when certain other things started transferring between McGreevey and Cipel, but again I digress. What is undisputed is that they met in Israel, and McGreevey offered him a job literally within minutes of their first meeting.

After leaving state service, Cipel bounced from high-paying job to high-paying job with a variety of firms controlled by high-rolling Democratic fundraisers and operatives. Then, reputedly, he decided to go for the big score, and demanded several million dollars from McGreevey, or he’d go public with their relationship.

McGreevey decided, instead, to go public. He proclaimed himself as a “gay American” and said he would resign. But he wouldn’t resign immediately; that would lead to a special election on his replacement, and in New Jersey you simply don’t let the people decide for themselves. He announced his resignation would take effect in three months, after the November election. That way, New Jersey’s Senate President (a fellow Democrat) will fill out McGreevey’s term.

So, take heart, gay Americans! This day you have made a tremendous stride towards equality and acceptance in American society. Previously, gay politicians caught in sex scandals tended to get a pass. When Congressman Gerry Studds (D-MA) was caught having an affair with a Congressional page, he got off (so to speak) with a House censure. When his colleague, Barney Frank (D-MA – am I seeing a trend here?), was caught putting up his boyfriend in his home while the guy was running a prostitution service out of Frank’s town house, he didn’t even get that. Even after it was revealed that Frank’s relationship with Stephen Gobie had started out commercially (Frank paid $80 for “services rendered,”) no action was taken against him.

But now, things have changed. McGreevey has shown that gay politicians can be just as venial, corrupt, vile, contemptible, and generally as scummy as their heterosexual counterparts, and for once he’s being treated just as harshly as they are.



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Comments (7)

1. Sailor/Poet?2. ... (Below threshold)

1. Sailor/Poet?

2. What are these positions you speak of related to cow tipping?

<a href="http://tigerhawk.b... (Below threshold)

McGreevey and the Democrats are using and abusing the gay rights movement, and the press and the gay advocacy organizations are falling for it. This is a big mistake.

Thats two for two tonight. ... (Below threshold)

Thats two for two tonight. Not looking good. The guy is a scum bag, and so is his boyfriend, and they were made for each other.

I can see where this is goi... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I can see where this is going... OK, Wizard61, time to post your "Lassie #8" on this posting, too..

I briefly toyed with doing the same shtick, but had a sudden attack of laziness. I didn't think of putting it on different threads, though...


Jay, your post --- and I ho... (Below threshold)

Jay, your post --- and I hope the tone with which you wrote it was tongue in cheek --- is exactly why I consider McGreevey to be the biggest and worst gay basher in American political history. None, none of his demerits are directly caused by his homosexuality in that had he been straight and had a "girl toy" that he could have passed off as Homeland Security Gal, he'd have done it. He'd have been corrupt, gay or not.

And what does this dirtbag do? He chalks it all up to his being gay. Despicable.

Hi Jay,We're neigh... (Below threshold)

Hi Jay,

We're neighbors. I can't tip cows but I know how to tip llamas! Anyway what I don't get was the phrase "gay american?" So he's gay, ok, fine, no big deal and he's an american, yup, what else would he be? Of course he's an american; he has to be an American to be in office! So what makes him different than coming out and saying I'm gay instead of saying "I'm a gay American!" huh??

Some people are just annoying with their stupidity. What exactly does "gay American" mean anyway?

OF Jay-You couldn't ... (Below threshold)

OF Jay-
You couldn't be more right. Thanks for putting into words something I couldn't.






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