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Some Things Just Make No Sense

Last month I helped Mark O'Brien publicize the search for those responsible for the murder of his son Burke. I was honored to be among those he sought for support and gladdy helped. In the time since I had several e-mail exchanges with him.

Michele Catalano learned this morning that Mark died in an accident on Wednesday.

My heart goes out to Mark's ex-wife Barbara "Beau" Burke and his children; daughters, Mariah, Raurie, and Carleigh; and son, Thomas.

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My condolence, to you for t... (Below threshold)

My condolence, to you for the loss of your friend, for your lost friend's loss of his son, and to everyone who knew your friend as you did, and his son...sharing loss on the Internet, at best, can also share caring.

I sure hope that those responsible for Mark's son's death are found and brought to justice.

I am so sorry to hear this.... (Below threshold)

I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, as well those who Mark touched in his life.






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