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Guess Who's Back?

Washington Post Sunday Magazine - August 12, 2004.  Cover photo by Kyoko Hamada

Jessica Cutler (aka Washingtonienne). She's makes the cover of the Washington Post Sunday Magazine for the feature story on how she fucked her way through Capital Hill. Of course, you knew that already.

I'm sure her parents are very proud...

Hat Tip: Outside The Beltway


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Comments (3)

Media Whores Online. ... (Below threshold)

Media Whores Online.

I still don't get it. OK, f... (Below threshold)

I still don't get it. OK, free between the knees I get, and the whole "Hershey Me!" thingie, but she looks no better than a zillion other chicks who are likewise inclined after three bottles of Bud.

Looking at her face, I am a... (Below threshold)

Looking at her face, I am assuming the ass reaming was a mistake as the gentlemen in question thought the were getting a blow job.

When I say someone is Butt Ugly, it goes twice for Rectal-ianne.






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