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It's The End Of The World As We Know It

And they feel fine...

Allen Iverson, left and Tim Duncan of the United States watch their team lose first half during men's basketball tournament preliminary match against Puerto Rico in Hellinikon Sunday, Aug. 15, 2004, during 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. (AP Photo/Dusan Vranic)
ATHENS, Greece (AP) - In an upset that was as historic as it was inevitable, the U.S. men's basketball team lost for only the third time ever in the Olympics on Sunday, 92-73 to Puerto Rico. It was also the most lopsided loss in the games for the Americans, alarming not only for its significance but also for its decisiveness.
The last defeat in 1988 prompted the move to adding professional basketball players to future teams, starting with 1992's Dream Team. The only other previous was the disputed 1972 loss to Russia.

In interviews after the game Allen Iverson trotted out the language of a mid-season NBA loss, "we weren't hitting shots...they just played better than us," etc. With passion like that the team will be lucky to medal, let alone rebound to win the gold.

Perhaps this loss will force a return to building a team that actually gives a shit about the Olympics.


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Comments (14)

Could someone explain to me... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Could someone explain to me (in words of two syllables or less; I'm a sports ignoramus) what the hell we were doing competing against a team from a U.S. TERRITORY, not even another nation? We got eliminated by FELLOW AMERICANS!



NO SHAQ NO KOLBE... (Below threshold)


I agree, Kevin. Then I saw ... (Below threshold)

I agree, Kevin. Then I saw these two posts and I agree with them, too. What I find really odd and really stupid is that the Olympics used to be KIDS competing, NOT PROFESSIONALS and they should not be professionals!!! But Amateurs - that's what the spirit of the Olympics was all about - not friggin ADULTS!! So ridiculous.

But I have to congratulate our swim team, mens and womens. Michael Phelps may have broken a record, but so did his teammate and friend from MASS who got the silver. Another silver went to the women's from NH!

Instead of appearing on the... (Below threshold)

Instead of appearing on the Wheaties box, they'll be appearing on the Swiffer Wetjet boxes.

Why? Because they're overpriced, and everybody's going to mop the floor with them.

A F'N Men. I hate to say t... (Below threshold)
David Williams:

A F'N Men. I hate to say this but I hope this group of USA basketballers lose every single game. They are the epitome of what spoiled professional athletes are all about. Duncan is the only one of the bunch for which I feel sorry. Sorry folks.... the Dream Team days are over. This team is nothing more than a group of nightmares masquerading as Olympic athletes. And Allen Iverson is Freddy Krueger.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......and ... (Below threshold)

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......and these guys make MILLIONS?????

Let's get the college guys back in the olympics....

And Mr. Stern wonders why t... (Below threshold)

And Mr. Stern wonders why the NBA is losing market share...

Watching the team during th... (Below threshold)

Watching the team during the opening ceremony, I was struck by the "gangsta"-like swagger of one of the basketball players -- with his tattoos, chewing his gum with his mouth open, looking like a stereotypical "rap music" star -- I suppose this is a bit of karma, then, to show that attitude makes a difference.

To chorus David, A frikin M... (Below threshold)

To chorus David, A frikin Men. Yea I'm American and yea I love to see our team/gal/guy win, but when they have such arrogance (entitlement?) I'm rooting against them in an instant.

An interesting comparison is how Lance Armstrong prepared, and acted in his successful bid to alter world records.

(apologies, I'm sure there are other equally compelling stories within these Olympics, however I can not stay tuned when the omnipresent insipid commentary commences.)

Replace "karma" with "teamw... (Below threshold)

Replace "karma" with "teamwork" and I think we have the answer. Think about it: We fielded a group of players who were each used to being "ball hogs" for their respective teams, because they were the most talented. When the time came for them to all appear together, every man wanted to win the game by himself rather than help the team win.

Quite frankly, I'm not surprised that they lost.

You got it, Alex. No point... (Below threshold)

You got it, Alex. No point guard. No defense. Only hoopla and flash. 10 go-to guys, and zero players to put it in the hands of the go-to guys.

Yup. This is exactly why I... (Below threshold)

Yup. This is exactly why I don't watch the NBA anymore. Buncha spoiled primadonnas with delusions of pimphood.

Good. Get rid of the stupid... (Below threshold)

Good. Get rid of the stupid Dream Team nonsense.

its supposed to be kids - b... (Below threshold)

its supposed to be kids - but most other nations field mainly "professional" athletes at the olympics.






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