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Throwing Money Away

A Columbus bank appears to have buried its mistake.

COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) - A cache of cash found in the Columbus landfill was the result of a bank error, police said.

The money - more than $46,000 - was found on July 23 by a backhoe operator who was digging through mounds of garbage at the Pine Grove Landfill. That was about the same amount of money a Columbus bank official told the local FBI office in July 2002 the bank had misplaced.

The money was returned to the bank Friday. Officials asked police not to reveal the bank's name.

Someone must know what bank this is. I know I'd be a little leery about keeping an account there.


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Comments (4)

I blame Old Man Potter -- h... (Below threshold)

I blame Old Man Potter -- he's the one who stole it from Uncle Billy.

Yeah, but if it hadn't been... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but if it hadn't been for those meddling kids, he'd have gotten away with it!

They're not releasing the n... (Below threshold)

They're not releasing the name of the bank not to protect the bank, but to protect customer safety.

I can only imagine the riots that would break out among the bank's new dumpster divers.

I want to apply for the ja... (Below threshold)

I want to apply for the janitor position.,






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