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Gee Do You Think It's August?

It's officially the dog days of summer in DC. Everyone has fled town, and there's hardly anything even remotely classifiable as "news" being made in this town in August.

How bad is it? This is what qualifies as news:

WASHINGTON (AP) - They came with their wraparound shades, hair-styling tools and other items essential for a shot at fame.

Thousands of people, many appearing to be teenagers or in their 20s, flooded into the Washington Convention Center this week to audition for Fox's popular "American Idol."

Candidates began arriving Monday morning - two days before the start of auditions - for a chance to win a spot on the television reality program that makes stars out of its winners. They camped out in the auditorium after police ordered organizers to allow people inside because of the heat and the long line.

I don't even have the energy or motivation to go down there and do interviews.

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What business is it of the ... (Below threshold)

What business is it of the police that they should 'order the organizers to allow people inside'?

When no news is being made ... (Below threshold)

When no news is being made in D.C., the treasure and morals of the nation are, however temporarily, safe.

It's so bad that Atrios and... (Below threshold)

It's so bad that Atrios and I have sent half a dozen emails back and forth trying to find something interesting yet topical to debate about and can't come up with anything we both thing exciting.






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