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John Kerry - Internationalist

One theme of the Kerry campaign that staying pretty low beneath the media radar is the extent to which the Kerry campaign is advocating internationalism. For all the rhetoric from about the New World Order and the Trilateral Commission, some of the quotes coming from the Kerry camp are down right scary from a sovereignty perspective.

On nuclear waste Kerry, in pandering to Nevada voters, signals that we need help to solve our own nuclear waste issues.

Kerry said the studies have convinced him that a nuclear waste repository is not safe.

To address the problem of waste stored at sites throughout the country, Kerry said he would convene a "blue-ribbon" panel of international experts with the goal of discovering a way to destroy or use up the waste.

"I'm convinced we can come out of this with a much stronger counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, pro-environment solution and that is what I intend to do," Kerry said.

On the International Criminal Court:
The Kerry campaign's national security adviser, Rand Beers, also suggested a new administration would soften Washington's stance on the International Criminal Court. The Bush administration has opposed the court and worked vigorously to exempt U.S. nationals from prosecution, causing some friction among allies.

Beers said in response to a question at the panel that the Kerry campaign has not taken a position on the court but would consider some adjustment in policy related to it: "I think we would look very seriously about removing the requirement for assistance, U.S. assistance, to require other countries to sign a pledge not to prosecute U.S. citizens in an International Criminal Court."

The United States in the past two years has signed a series of bilateral agreements with states that are signatories to the ICC to ensure U.S. personnel abroad will not be tried before the court.

And even when he's on the wrong side of an internationalization issue, supporters find a silver lining:
It's true that Kerry doesn't support the Kyoto Protocol in its present form. Instead, he has said that he wants to renegotiate the agreement so it will hold developing nations, as well as industrialized nations, accountable for their carbon dioxide emissions.

But Kerry's no casual Kyoto detractor -- he has attended a number of Kyoto conferences over the years and tried to push negotiations forward, and he has a long record of consistently voting in favor of policy measures to curb global warming, from stricter CAFE standards to mandatory greenhouse-gas regulations.

In part for this reason, a number of national environmental groups are pouring more resources into this presidential race than any previous contest in history.

The reason Kerry isn't parading support for the ICC and Kyoto, is that outside of the far left these issues have no resonance with voters. The Yucca Mountain issue is a local wedge issue in Nevada - easy to oppose with little chance that the 20 states counting on nuclear storage will punish him for his stance.

One thing is for sure, from reading between the lines it's a sure bet that all these "internationalist" ideas would be on the Kerry agenda if elected.

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I guess you can read whatev... (Below threshold)

I guess you can read whatever you want between the lines. Yesterday, I imagined Bush iterate, between the lines, "Vote for Kerry!"

In <a href="http://www.reds... (Below threshold)

In Which candidate is less "American"? I compared our two choices on the black helicopter scale. Excerpt: John Edwards wowed them at this year's Bilderberger conference, in fact it may have been the imprimatur he needed to be selected as Kerry's VP. Dick Cheney is a member of the Trilateral Commission." ...Bush supports CAFTA, Kerry opposes only the current version of it.

On his radio show a few weeks ago Drudge said he'd found some choice Teresa quotes showing her to be a big fan of internationalism. However, I haven't seen anything about that on his site. Perhaps he's waiting for the right moment.

WHAT WOULD ABRAHAM LINCOLN ... (Below threshold)


Well, we actually know exactly what he would have done. President Lincoln was so committed to reunifying the United States and ending slavery that Northerners who spoke out against his policy were jailed and sometimes hanged.

There can be no doubt that a Union officer, no matter how decorated, who spoke against the cause would have been totally disgraced and hanged.

What would Woodrow Wilson have done in the same circumstances? Again, we know from history that he was so committed to the destruction of German Totalitarian expansion that he disgraced and jailed those who publicly opposed his policies.

What would Franklin D. Roosevelt have done in the same circumstances? Again, we know from history that he was so committed to the destruction of the twin evils of Nazism and Japanese Imperial militarism that he disgraced and jailed those who publicly opposed his policies.

Harry Truman was more tolerant of dissent and Communist North Korea is still bedeviling the world with nuclear threats.

LBJ and Nixon also were overly tolerant of dissenters and over three million Southeast Asians were then murdered by Communists.

What does John Kerrys candidacy say about the degeneration of American Civilization? In any wiser time he would have...







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