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How Would Jesus Vote?

Has God formed a PAC? Are the heavens lining up against John Kerry? According to The Kingdom Of God's Political Campaign, 2,004 Presidential Election they are. They have an exclusive endorsement of the President...

August 15, 2,004
Jesus' Endorsement

I come to you today as The Ruler Of The Kingdom Of God, which mankind often calls Heaven, to give you my endorsement for the reelection of President George W. Bush. I wish to express to you some of my reasons why I support President Bush. [More].

Don't miss the other spirits endorsements of Bush either. John Lennon endorsing the re-election of President Bush should tip you off to the loonieness of "psychics" Gerald & Linda Polley.

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Comments (8)

That is one funny site. I d... (Below threshold)

That is one funny site. I don't know if it's for real though. This is creepy and pretty wacked out. It looks fake, but this looks pretty serious. A little weird, but no obvious satire.
I love the song.

I don't know, what do you think? Is it for real?

Listen to the song on the s... (Below threshold)

Listen to the song on the song page, I think it's for real.
That's pretty scary.
But at least Jesus is on Bush's side.

I wonder what country Jesus... (Below threshold)

I wonder what country Jesus would bomb.

I listened to the song. Eit... (Below threshold)
Kerry Is Unelectable:

I listened to the song. Either Paul was the real talent or death seriously inhibits genius.

Let's check out who's winni... (Below threshold)

Let's check out who's winning

And don't forget that Bush ... (Below threshold)

And don't forget that Bush is a prophet.

I found this web site URL l... (Below threshold)

I found this web site URL listed on my web site stats after your visitors checked out The Kingdom Of God's Political Campaign, 2,004 Presidential Election site. Thanks so much for posting here about our Political pages! I saw Entertainment New's question of August 19th and took the liberty of including it in August 26th's episode of "Here's Jesus!" Jesus answered it in the first segment of the day.


Hope you enjoy the answer and my "Here's Jesus!" site, and will return to the Political pages for frequent updates.

Funny, if you think your Ga... (Below threshold)

Funny, if you think your Gawwwwd is involved with minor details of things down here . . . then what do you make of Florida getting stomped by 4 (so far) hurricanes right before the coming election? Hell, Jeb said after the first one "This is God's way of showing us we are mortal" - which is a bit of a funny comment because you'd think A: God would not be so insecure as to need to do such and B: That a loving God could maybe accomplish the same thing by sending down a golden ray and healing everybody or something . . . not by killing and destroying! But anyways - the Shrubs brother Jeb said it was God's doing after the first hurricane . . . what does he think now?






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