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Olympic Babe Of The Day - Haley Clark


Olympic swimmer Haley Cope (her married name is Haley Clark) is one of the female Olympic athletes appearing in the new issue of Playboy.

You can find her pictures here.

Reminder: Don't forget to vote for the Olympic Babe Of The Week for week 1 of the Games. You can vote once a day, and the polls close this weekend.


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Comments (9)

The bikini wax: your peace ... (Below threshold)

The bikini wax: your peace dividend at work, man.

Definitely nice. My ... (Below threshold)

Definitely nice.
My favorite guy so far is Irishman Mark Kyle riding Drunken Disorderly.

Thanks.....I needed that.</... (Below threshold)

Thanks.....I needed that.

Although sometimes they get... (Below threshold)

Although sometimes they get a little overmuscled, many swimmers have just beautiful bodiees, don't they?

She is beautiful, but god s... (Below threshold)

She is beautiful, but god she has no chest at all.

It's all upper body muscle,... (Below threshold)

It's all upper body muscle, much like female weightlifters.

Very nice body, I'm jealous... (Below threshold)

Very nice body, I'm jealous.

Who would still claim that ... (Below threshold)

Who would still claim that beautifull ti..., I mean breasts, need to be big and full of silicon? This lady is a stunner. But some of the others on the Yahoo-site too. I am glad they picked a nice looking German woman too. And not of our weightlifters or so.......

haley is a hottie. nice bo... (Below threshold)

haley is a hottie. nice body, nice ass but nuttin to hold on to up top






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