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Trying to find a horse

You really have to wonder if some people can read.

Trying to Beat a Dead Horse

Wizbang and a Couple of the other Conservative Blogs are trying to keep Kerry's Military service on page one...

You really have to wonder why anyone would say anything that moronic. Kerry's military service record has never been on page one, how on earth can anyone be accused of trying to keep it there? In fact, as Kevin pointed out The WaPo and the NYT have both ignored the issue despite the fact Kerry was caught lying about Cambodia. Neither paper has run a single story.

SIGH- It makes you really wonder about some people's ability to reason.

UPDATE: Below the fold.

Some people don't know when to shut up. David and I reached a truce a few days ago where he promised to quit trolling my posts on Wizbang.

Instead of sticking to his promise, the baby just used trackbacks to say his stupid things. So in E-MAIL I explained I'd point out his stupidity if he continued. And I think I might not have been too friendly when I did it. ;-)

He foolishly thought it would embarrass me. As usual he thought wrong. I'd far prefer being known for being a potty mouth in email than a moron.

Potty mouths can speak civilly in public. Morons are cursed that way for life.

The comments are closed and all new trackbacks will be deleted. One of us at least needs to pretend to be mature.


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Comments (4)

Actually, they just wrote t... (Below threshold)

Actually, they just wrote that so they could see the veins in your temple throb.

heh- you're probably right.... (Below threshold)

heh- you're probably right.

And had it been a "first offense" I'd not bother. When they do it 3 or 4 times in a row, it starts to wear a guy out.

I'm not sure 'thought' is a... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure 'thought' is a natural process for David. Sometimes he says a few good things but I think those are mostly mistakes.

A Conservative who things t... (Below threshold)

A Conservative who things the RIGHT is being shrill? A Conservative who thinks the RIGHT is in desparation?

The RIGHT isn't running a campaign for the most powerful position in the free world based upon events which occupied 4 1/2 months thirty-five years ago only because they can't stand to see things not happening their way. The RIGHT is shrill? Give me a break. The Kerry campaign is imploding - just not as quickly as the RIGHT would like to see. The desparation is from those who practice the very McCarthyism they pretend to abhore.






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