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New York Times Calles Me a Zealot

After doing zero research as to the credibility of their claims and not running a single story on the fact John Kerry was caught lying about his combat experience, the New York Times runs a visceral attack on the Swift Boat Vets -- but then calls others who actually examined their evidence 'zealots.'

Politics as Usual

It may seem outlandish to launch a campaign broadside by television ad and book flackery [completely outlandish- nobody has ever written an attack book about Bush right?] devoted to discrediting the respectable Vietnam War record of Senator John Kerry, who has five combat medals. But that is exactly what a Republican-financed group of partisans is doing in presenting itself as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and tattooing the Democratic presidential nominee with accusations of lying about his service and war wounds. Never in Mr. Kerry's command, but claiming to have served near enough, its members are trying to contradict the firsthand accounts of his crewmates who are vouching for his war record.

In a way, this political assault may merely be a knife-edged compliment to the effectiveness of Mr. Kerry's stratagem of tirelessly - some might say tiresomely - highlighting his wartime service. The attack ads and the book, "Unfit for Command,'' are a visceral part of the anti-Kerry campaign in the battleground states. The assault is gaining attention, with Internet and cable television zealots debating combat minutiae and even whether Mr. Kerry enacted wartime events with his political future in mind or held secret meetings with Communists.

Yup, those who look at the evidence are zealots and those of us who close our eyes and throw stones at 250 Swift Boat Veterans are the enlightened ones.

Give me a break!

If examining the campaign credentials of a man who wants to be leader of the free world makes me a zealot, then that is a mantle I shall wear proudly.

If George Bush says he slept well, the New York Times will find some anonymous source to say he tossed and turned. Could they at least pretend to look at John Kerry's record?

I question the timing of these stories. The big guys have ignored the fact John Kerry lied about his service record. But just 3 days after it becomes known that the Swifties' ad has raised $400,000 then suddenly both the WaPo and the New York Times do full court presses to discredit the veterans.

Seems like these stories are politically motivated to me.


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Paul, I just took a nap (be... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, I just took a nap (been up since 4) to get a little more rest before work. In that hour, you put up THREE very long pieces (helping to push my Fleet Bank piece I wrote last night down 11 SCREENS, thank-you-very-much) in an hour. One of 'em is ripping Kerry again, one ripping the Democrats, and one ripping the NYT. While I'll certainly agree all three deserve it, to put up all three in the space of 53 minutes does seem to require a certain... how shall I say it... "Zeal?"


Hey- you got the same email... (Below threshold)

Hey- you got the same email as me- Kev said post-- so I post. LOL

Do you know what a zealot i... (Below threshold)

Do you know what a zealot is? Cause I've been posting comments here for a week and the authors of this blog would qualify as "fanatically committed people."


You need a correction Randy... (Below threshold)

You need a correction Randy- You have been posting A COMMENT for a week- The some one over and over and over.

At least we are zealots who can think of more than one thing to say.

Paul, kindly ignore my pet ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, kindly ignore my pet moron above. Ever since I gave him a thorough bitch-slapping here, he's been whining for attention. (BTW, Randy, I'm still waiting for two more accomplishments of Senator Kerry's 20 years of service. Fortunately, I'm not holding my breath.)
With luck, he'll eventually give up trying to get attention to both himself and his blog and go away.


Give it up already. There ... (Below threshold)

Give it up already. There is already another story discrediting a major claim of the SBVFT that Kerry was not under fire during the life saving event.

The best you are going to do is have a "draw" here after 30+ years and faded memories.

John Kerry did serve, he did volunteer for service, he did save a life of Jim Rassman, and he did get wounded at least 3 times (only the severity of the wound is in debate).

What this is starting to look like is a few majorly "pissed off" Viet Nam veterans mainly about John Kerry's conduct when he came back stateside and worked against the war. That is the only ligitimate issue to debate as far as I am concerned.

You can all debate it until you are blue in the face but I do not think it will change any votes in the end and it distracts from the real issues that you can debate with Kerry on, like his tax policy, economic policy, terrorism policy and his Iraq policy.


250 vets is hardly "a few."... (Below threshold)

250 vets is hardly "a few."

There are other legit issues such as the fact he got caught lying about combat experience.

Look, I'd love to go after Kerry on his record on the issues. The problem is, he has run and hid from them. All he wants to talk about is Vietnam. The problem is the more we know about his time in Vietnam the worse it looks for Kerry... Not unlike his voting record.

Dave, in the piece I linked... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Dave, in the piece I linked to in my previous comment I challenged anyone to cite three major accomplishments of Kerry's 20-year Senate career. Nobody's met that challenge yet. I'd dearly love to discuss Kerry's accomplishments of the last 30 years, but they simply don't seem to exist. And if he's going to make that 4 1/2 months the key of his campaign, then that's what's going to be discussed.

"He who lives by the 'Nam, dies by the 'Nam."


.... "or held secret meetin... (Below threshold)

.... "or held secret meetings with Communists."(NYT)

Didn't Kerry himself on many occasions admit to a Paris meeting with reps. from N Vietnam. While still a member of the Navy Reserve no less.

Because the New York Times ... (Below threshold)

Because the New York Times no longer has fact-checkers and researchers, they can't quite remember what they are called. "Zealot" must have been the first word out of Safire's mouth when they asked him what kind of person relentlessly hammers away at lies looking for the truth.

"ZEALOT!" High praise indee... (Below threshold)

"ZEALOT!" High praise indeed from a virtual campaign house organ.

And, oh, it's delightful seeing the floundering K-dogs grasp at the WaPo as though it's a survival raft dropped from a rescue copter. Look, I'll make a deal: we will completely drop discussion of SBVT claims, ignore them, if you guys will merely engage in the limited area of attempting to reconcile the discrepancies and anomalies which exist just by in statements from the Kerry camp. Tell you what, I'll give you a bonus: we'll cut it down even more to a discussion of just the contradicitons from Kerry's own mouth and pen.

How's that? Can we hear your defense, your explanation? Bueller? Bueller?

So what if Bush was AWOL fr... (Below threshold)

So what if Bush was AWOL from the military. Isn't that all covered under the "Youthful Indiscretion" clause of the Bush campaign manual? Shouldn't Kerry be allowed to plead the same thing about Vietnam and War Protests? Then everybody can shut up about all this crap and debate something that actually makes a difference. Like education, taxes, and the performanace of the sorry-ass US Olympic basketball team.

Isn't that all covered u... (Below threshold)

Isn't that all covered under the "Youthful Indiscretion" clause of the Bush campaign manual? Shouldn't Kerry be allowed to plead the same thing about Vietnam and War Protests?

He might very well be allowed to do so -- if he tried. Instead he seems hellbent on defending claims that have been disproven (and which he continued to make well into his 40s and beyond, so much for "youthful" indiscretions), and on avoiding any mention whatsoever of his anti-war activities during the 1970s, or of his political career since then.

Kerry will never plead "Youthful Indiscretion" because he lacks the humility to admit that he isn't perfect.

what a bunch of right-wing ... (Below threshold)
Steven I.:

what a bunch of right-wing bullshit. kerry will win because bush had fucked up our economy, taken us into a pre-emptive war against a nation that didn't attack us and funneled $87 billion plus to his oil buddies and his fuck-buddy Dick Cheney. get over this swift boat nonsense - they've contradicted themselves over and over and now they are trying to explain it so they can keep the $$$ flowing to their friends.

kerry isn't the second coming of christ but he is damn sure better than the Commander-in-Thief we've got now!

Steven I, said: "what a bun... (Below threshold)

Steven I, said: "what a bunch of right-wing bullshit. "

I submit this quote is representative of the level of dialogue encouraged on this subject by the vast majority of Kerry-supporter (anti-Bush) commenters in every site I have entered for two weeks. And that is from Atrios, Josh Marshall, Oliver Wills, etc. to CAPT. SMASH and CaptainsQuarters. It's uncanny. They are reduced to inarticualte rage, even on THEIR pages. I have not seen a single commentin the entire blogosphere of a Ks or aB which even acknowledges the plethora of twisted versions Kerry himself has given, much less the contortions of his camoaign or hagiographer (Brinkley), and FAR much less the points raised by SBVFT.

The tactic is transparent and intellectually bereft. Come back when you have the moral courage to address your darkest politcal fears.

Jumbo said "The tactic is t... (Below threshold)
Steven I:

Jumbo said "The tactic is transparent and intellectually bereft. Come back when you have the moral courage to address your darkest politcal fears."

Of course you only addressed the first part of what I said - ignoring the last statement that "Kerry isn't the second coming of Christ."

I am no democratic apologist and I have no "rage" over your nonsense. These threads spout the same crap over and over that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity tell you to spout. Think for yourself for once. I'm not in love with Kerry but history will show that George W. Bush is the most crooked, lying person who has EVER inhabited the White House. Our economy is a wreck, BILLIONS of our dollars are being funneled to oil companies connected to Bush & Cheney, our deficit is at record levels and the price of oil hits a new record level EVERY DAY.

Do I wish we didn't have to choose between Skull & Bones 1 and Skull & Bones 2 for our leader? YOU BET. (You know, Kerry's Grandmother was in Bush's Grandmother's wedding way back when.) But when my tax dollars are being sent to IRAQ, the country with the second largest oil reserve in the world, to pay for schools, hospitals and roads while my kids use 20 year old textbooks and my local hospital is shutting down, I'll do whatever I can to change it.

Iraq wasn't a threat, they didn't attack us and they had NOTHING to do with Sept. 11 - something conveniently ignored by Bush & Co. However, they DO provide billions of dollars for Halliburton, so in we went. BUSH IS CORRUPT AND SHOULD BE KICKED OUT ON HIS EAR.

Deflecting the above to rant about a purple heart from 30 years ago plays into Karl Rove's master plan to keep the money flowing to his buddies. Unless you are an oil company executive getting checks from the White House, wake up and smell the oil slick, Jumbo.

Ah, Steven I has a post up.... (Below threshold)

Ah, Steven I has a post up. I bet he countered my assertion by presenting a powerful, organized and convincing explanation of why Kerry's own contradictions should not be viewed as prevarication. Let's see here. Okay, uh huh, Big Oil, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, yadda yadda, Skull and Bones, gotta be here, just gotta find it, Karl Rove, Sept. 11...

Oh , drat! Maybe Steven I. accidentally deleted the answers about Kerry's self-twisted web. When he finds it, I'm sure he'll post it.

Jumbo, you did better than ... (Below threshold)

Jumbo, you did better than I. I got to the part where he mentioned thinking for myself instead of listening to Rush or Hannity didn't bother looking at the rest since I listen to neither. I find both of them to be top grade assholes.

But if it makes Stevie feel better to try to paint us all with the same old rhetoric then let the little child play.

Nice dialogue, Jumbo & Shar... (Below threshold)
Steven I.:

Nice dialogue, Jumbo & Sharp (but glad to hear you think Rush & Sean are assholes)

The problem with all of these attempts to paint Kerry as a liar, flip-flopper, etc. is that it misses the primary question facing voters this fall - Does George Bush deserve another four years in office? To me, the answer is obvious and it is a resounding NO.

There are plenty of twisted answers on both sides of this mangled web - is Kerry a liar? Of course. Is Bush a liar? Of course!

I'll say it one more time so you can hear me - do I love Kerry? No. But it is not about "did Kerry deserve a medal?" or even "did George show up in Alabama?" Who cares? The only real question facing voters when an election features an incumbent is "How did he do up to this point?"

If either of you can name one reason that George Bush should be re-elected (I probably won't agree with it), I can name 10 more why he should be defeated. The party faithful on both sides have lined up behind their boy and it is a razor thin on both sides. As for "swing voters," the reason they haven't decided is that they aren't entirely happy with the status quo - which is why swing voters almost always break toward the challenger.

I'd love to elect George Washington or Abraham Lincoln this election, but unfortunately is comes down to two multi-millionaires who want to be "a regular guy." I already know that Bush is an incompetent and corrupt crony pawn. I can only hope that Kerry will do better - though frankly, I don't have high hopes on that one either.

Please feel free to insult me or my answers, etc. if you like - but I'd like to point out that virtually everything I've seen here is just "kerry did this - kerry did that" - absolutely not one post about why Bush "deserves" another term.

Poll: Should I --1... (Below threshold)

Poll: Should I --

1. save Randy some time and post a link to the Bush DUI story on this thread . . .

2. bring up a few facts that, although they've been repeated over and over, completely cut the legs out from under Steven's little yarn . . .


3. play "I'm a Kerry Fan" and start talking about how stupid, ignorant, etc. everyone in here is who doesn't blindly support him?

Decisions, decisions.....</... (Below threshold)

Decisions, decisions.....

Steve I., I have a slightly... (Below threshold)

Steve I., I have a slightly different framing of the question for you.

Can we do worse?

Yes, my friend, we can. I can think of several Democrats I'd rather vote for than Bush. But the party didn't have the sense to nominate any of them. Instead, they chose a man of infamously unsteady resolve. And that resolve's guaranteed to be tested.

Does the New York Times eve... (Below threshold)

Does the New York Times even have credibility with anyone who does NOT assume that everyone not in the Left are "zealots?"

I mean, this article, this pejorative boast, even, by TNYT seems to add accelerant to the fire that is the burning, murmuring, festering NYT about the mean, evil, nasty world out there.

If they wrote anything ELSE (as in, not writing that this site and others of similar opinion on average are "zealots" about this issue [Kerry's incredulous self-history and other political issues of our times]), TNYT would lose advertising dollars, and they're apparently having a problem with that already.

On the other hand, why not now assume that TNYT is, in fact, an aggregate of lunatics, read by lunatics and be done with it?

I'd have expected more from TNYT, I really would have, prior to this news (their flinging of the "zealots" mud), but, after reading this ("zealots" mud from TNYT), I'm convinced the, err, publication has lost all reason, certainly credibility as a "news" source.

Too bad for them.

But, another thing, can TNY... (Below threshold)

But, another thing, can TNYT be ever so obvious about what and why they write?

You're included in those bloggers who will attend and provide blogger coverage of the RNC. What ELSE can TNYT write about you?

I bet the mud has just begun. Sadly, but that's what TNYT and other unreliable, extemist troll sites (O.K., that's what I actually think now about TNYT, from this once-dedicated reader) do: they flame, they fling mud, they otherwise troll the sites that they assume are read by a large number of readers...

Just think about the thug in the grade-school hallway who stole your lunch, put glue on your seat and then spread nasty lies about you on the playground, just because the nice girl in the class said that she "liked" you. That seems to be the penchant by the Left and the Kerry apologists in our nation and world today: trolling.

Sadly, TNYT is now among the Trolls of the Left. It's a sad decline to a once interesting news source, gone, now gone with the wind.

they've contradicted the... (Below threshold)

they've contradicted themselves over and over

Yes, the Kerry people certainly have -- which is why this is so much more damaging to Kerry than I ever expected.

Oh -- I'm sorry, Steve I., you were saying the Swifties have contradicted themselves. Uh, I don't see how that's possible, since they've put their story in writing in a book I'll bet you haven't read, and they've stuck to it.

What they're doing is contradicting Kerry -- though not as much Kerry himself does before breakfast.

Jay Tea,To the con... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

To the contrary there are many things to go after Kerry on in terms of his policy. That is what John Kerry has been very specific on his website and his stump speaches.

The only reason he continues to talk about and defend his military service is because of the SBVFT attacks.

Go look at his website, plenty of policy details that should drive conservatives crazy.

Talking about this stuff will only convince the hard core supporters/detractors to support/not support him even stronger.

It comes down to a "he said/he said" scenerio and there is not enough hard evidence to prove either way. At some point the true "swing" voters will not care anymore and feel that the Republicans have nothing positive to offer (Kerry is already making the connection with voters about the Republican supporters behind the SBVFT).

But go ahead if you want and keep hammering on this issue - it is your election to lose.


Jay Tea,To the con... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

To the contrary there are many things to go after Kerry on in terms of his policy. That is what John Kerry has been very specific on his website and his stump speaches.

The only reason he continues to talk about and defend his military service is because of the SBVFT attacks.

Go look at his website, plenty of policy details that should drive conservatives crazy.

Talking about this stuff will only convince the hard core supporters/detractors to support/not support him even stronger.

It comes down to a "he said/he said" scenerio and there is not enough hard evidence to prove either way. At some point the true "swing" voters will not care anymore and feel that the Republicans have nothing positive to offer (Kerry is already making the connection with voters about the Republican supporters behind the SBVFT).

But go ahead if you want and keep hammering on this issue - it is your election to lose.


Even though you posted your... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Even though you posted your comment twice, Dave, I'll only answer it once. Hope you don't mind.

First, you talk about the "policy details" posted on Kerry's web site. I'm not gonna go there right now (I can't afford to get too nauseous this early in the morning), but I feel safe making a wager they're all in the general field of "what I will do" things. My challenge was, paraphrased, "don't tell me what you say you will do. Tell me what the hell you've done over the last 20 years, besides marrying two multimillionaire heiresses?"

And it's my recollection that Kerry was thumping his Vietnam experience LONG BEFORE the SBVFT started up. They say they got together as a response to Kerry's constant citations of Vietnam. I don't have time to dig up specific citations, but I will point out that when they came out, EVERYONE immediately knew what they were all about by their very name. If Kerry hadn't "seared, seared" the term "Swift Boat" into the public zeitgeist before then, most people would've looked at the name "Swift Boat Veterans For the Truth" as a bunch of ex-military types who were big fans of NASCAR on water and were bent out of shape over the POW/MIA issue with Vietnam.

Come on, Dave. I challenge you (or anyone still reading this thread) to cite THREE major accomplishments of John Kerry's 20 years as a Senator. Give us three reasons that don't boil down to "he's not George W. Bush." Give us three reasons to believe Kerry will actually do the things he promises to do by citing examples where he actually has achieved things of lasting substance and meaning.

To quote Adlai Stevenson at the United Nations, Dave, ""I am prepared to wait until Hell freezes over for your answer, if necessary."

(And if we have another winter like the last one up here in Cow Hampshire, that might not be so long after the election...)


Jay Tea,You made m... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

You made my point brilliantly, if that is what you believe (that he has not significant accomplishments over the last 20 years) then why are the Republicans so afraid to go after Kerry on that.

The reason is that he has had significant accomplishments over the last 20 years (again all on his website) but I am sure you will minimize every one of them.

I do not hate GW Bush I hate his policies, which have been a disaster for this country and will take at least another 8 years of a Democrat to dig out of.

Talking about lack of accomplishments, GW Bush ...oh never mind, I am sure you have stopped reading by now.


BTW, the double posting was inadvertant, this comment site seems to freeze during the posting and then I press the button again and it works but sometimes posts twice, not intentional.

Dave, if Kerry's accomplish... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Dave, if Kerry's accomplishments are so stupendous, why the hell can't you cite a single one?

Under the rules of logic, the burden of proof is on the asserter. You say Kerry has done great things -- back them up. I assert he has not. It is a logical impossibility to prove a negative.

And I see that you still can't say positive things about Kerry without bashing Bush. You prove my point for me -- Kerry's strongest selling point is "I'm not George Bush."

But what the hell. I'll play along with your pathetic attempt to change the subject just this once. You mention Bush's record. By a strange enough coincidence, I recently wrote about two areas where Bush has achieved a great deal.

Now, Dave, it's time for you to put up or shut up. Get up off your lazy ass and go FIND those "accomplishments" you keep bragging about. When you come back with PROOF to back up your words, then I'll give you a shred of credibility. Until then, I'll just consider you another tragic victim of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome), another of those poor frothing, pathetic wretches who are convinced that everything that is bad and evil and wrong with the world is Bush's fault, and anyone, ANYONE would be an improvement over him.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to work. If you see the first link above, you'll see it's not a great job, but it keeps me off the public dole (and, consequently, not a Kerry supporter) and I actually contribute to society.


Here is a start for accompl... (Below threshold)

Here is a start for accomplishments.

1. Massachusetts Telecommunications Council "Policy Maker of the Year"
2. NAM Vets of Cape Cod and Islands Award For Significant and Exemplary Support Rendered To Veterans of This Country and of the Cape and Islands
3. John W. McCormick Award for Public Service

1. June 21, 2002
Parents for Residential Reform, Mass Families Organizing for Change and the Federation for Children with Special Needs presented The Powerful Friend Recognition Award to Senator Kerry "for his outstanding leadership and national voice on behalf of children with disabilities and their families".
2. Visiting Nurse Association of America's "Legislator of the Year"
3. Gerry Studds Stewardship Award from the Boston Harbor Island Alliance for his work to preserve the Boston Harbor Islands
4. Institute of International Education's "Steven P. Duggan Award for International Understanding" for lifetime achievement in public service and leadership in the U.S. Senate

1. Massachusetts Association of Home Health Care's "Legislator of the Year"
2. American Jewish Committee's "Congressional Leadership Award" for efforts on religious freedom in the workplace

1. Friends of the Public Garden's "Henry Lee Award" for efforts to preserve Boston's green spaces

1. "Zero to Three" Association's "Achievement Award" for work on early childhood development issues
2. Association for Enterprise's "Leadership Award" for leadership on the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship
3. Assumption College's "Presidential Medal"

1. National Health Association's "Legislator of the Year Award" for support of expanded child care and attention for at-risk children. Sponsored 1997 Early Childhood Development Act

1. Armenian Assembly of America's Award for service and commitment to the Armenian people. John Kerry was co-sponsor of Humanitarian Aid Corridor Act, providing aid to Armenia and other nations
2. Time Magazine's "Honest Man in Politics Award" f or being only Senator up for reelection in 1996 to vote against Defense of Marriage Act

1. Environmental Business Council Paul Keogh Award June 9, 1995 for distinguished commitment to environmental industries

1. Tri-Community Chamber of Commerce George B. Wells Award December 7, 1993 for leadership in tourism

1. Minority Business Enterprise Legal Defense Fund "Minority Business Development Trendsetter of the Year" June 17, 1990
2. SMU Labor Education Center Arnold M. Dubin Award November 15, 1990 for outstanding contributions to the causes of labor and social justice

1. League of Conservation Voters Award honored for having one of the best For environmental voting record over previous 5 years

1. Commencement speaker for Umass/Boston 20th Commencement UMass Boston Honorary Degree
2. Brockton Little League's "Appreciation Award" March 7, 1988 for work with special needs division

1. B'nai Brith Council of Greater Boston's "Man of the Year"

1. National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy Award honored JK at a reception at the Boston Center for Adult Education
Committee Assignments
Quick links

Select Page
How Do I Find? Offices Press Releases Government Links

Facts Education
Tourism Sports
Culture Kids' Page


I do think GW Bush has significant accomplishments, he has significantly exceeded my expectations in several areas:

1. Single handedly changed the largest government surpluses to the largest deficits we have ever had as a nation

2. Mobilizing world opinion and terrorists around the world against the US as never before

3. Appointing an attorney general who supports the constitution when it suits his own right wing agenda. (e.g. Supports states rights when they decide things conservatively and does not support states rights when the sovergn state decides things he disagrees with like the Oregon terminally ill law)

4. (and most importantly) unified not the country but Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans against him for re-election as never before.


BTW I have never been on public assistance in my life.

Dave, I don't have time to ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Dave, I don't have time to rip up that list of "accomplishments" you Googled up, particularly since I already did so four days ago when The Amazingly Clueless Randy posted it. Pay close attention to the Gerry Studds reference.

But just in case you're too lazy to check that out, there is a HUGE difference between "awards" and "accomplishments." "Awards" are part of the price one pays when you want a public figure to come and talk to you. They're basically quid pro quo -- "want me to come? Give me an award." "Accomplishments" are things one has DONE.

In a nutshell:
Awards = people think I'm neat.
Accomplishments = things I've done.

Off to work...


Jay Tea,I almost f... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

I almost forgot his most important accomplishment.

Squandering the most unified this country has been since the bombing of Pearl Harbor to do good in this country and bring this country together.

Instead he used it as a lever to further divide this country and pursue a far right wing agenda.

He could have done so much good with that united support both domestically and abroad but unfortunately that opportunity is lost for a long time to come.


Jay Tea,I almost f... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

I almost forgot his most important accomplishment.

Squandering the most unified this country has been since the bombing of Pearl Harbor to do good in this country and bring this country together.

Instead he used it as a lever to further divide this country and pursue a far right wing agenda.

He could have done so much good with that united support both domestically and abroad but unfortunately that opportunity is lost for a long time to come.


Here are othersFAC... (Below threshold)

Here are others


John Kerry has a distinguished legislative record. He and John McCain negotiated an agreement with Vietnam to provide a full accounting for POW-MIAs. He wrote the first bill reducing acid rain. He has repeatedly led the charge in protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling. He has passed legislation that shut down money laundering activities of terrorists and drug traffickers.

President Clinton Praised Kerry for Putting 100,000 COPS on the Street – “When we tried to get past six years of talking tough on crime but nothing happening, rhetoric and rhetoric and rhetoric and no action, to put 100,000 police on the street, to ban deadly assault weapons to pass the Brady bill, the other side, [the Republicans] led the fight against it. But John Kerry helped us pass the toughest, smartest, best crime bill this country has seen in many a day, and the crime rate has gone down for four years in a row. John Kerry was on the right side of history.” [Public Papers of the President: Fall River, MA; 8/28/96]

Democratic Leader Tom Daschle Says Kerry Knows How to Get the Legislative Job Done in the Senate - Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle had kind words for John Kerry’s work on Campaign Finance Reform when he asked Kerry to chair the Democratic Steering Committee: "From our teen-smoking bill to HMO reform and Campaign Finance Reform, John Kerry has demonstrated that he clearly knows how to get the job done. He is a valued and trusted member of our leadership team, and I am pleased he has accepted another term as Chairman of the Steering and Coordination Committee." [Daschle Press Release, 11/19/98]

Even Dr. Bill Frist, Senate Majority Leader Says Kerry’s Global AIDS Legislation is a “Huge Step Forward”: “’The Kerry-Frist bill is a huge step forward,” said [current Majority Leader Bill] Frist. “It further validates U.S. leadership in the global effort to end devastation many countries face in the fight against HIV/AIDS’.” [Office of Senator Frist, press release 7/12/02]

57 bills and resolutions John Kerry has sponsored over the years have passed the U.S. Senate. Countless others have been improved because of his work, including the Clean Air Act, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the COPS program.

John Kerry has taken on the special interests and won. He fought against Newt Gingrich’s anti-labor and anti-environmental regulatory reform. He has fought to raise the minimum wage. He has worked to shut down wasteful corporate subsidies. And John Kerry played an important role in the effort to reach a settlement with the tobacco companies that ended marketing to children and teenagers.


BTW, see I knew you would use the list to "discredit" his list of accomplishments. I would disagree that awards are all prefunctary. Some are but others are truly warranted. I have recieved both kinds in my life.

I was going to get back to ... (Below threshold)

I was going to get back to the post -- something about that 400K being raised.

You know, the media were better off when they ignored the story. With the publicity they're giving the guys now, even =more= money is likely to flow their way, and more people will buy =Unfit for Command=.

I bet the Swiftees have a plan of attack, and now they're moving onto their next step. Thurlow is signing to have all his military records released, and I bet a lot of the other Swiftees will do the same. =These= guys aren't running for office, and they certainly aren't running on their Vietnam service (because obviously it gives them no credibility in the eyes of the partisan). Kerry never should have used the Vietnam prop for a national race, but he made that bed, and now he's got to sleep in it. People are going to ask him to release his records, and as others have commented, it will be best for him to do it right now or during the Republican Convention, rather than wait til October to get hounded into it (and release Teresa's tax filings at the same time...) not good timing. Do it now, defuse the ammo, and start talking about something else.

Perhaps this stuff will once and for all get Kerry to shut his yap about Vietnam. My Lord, he's tedious.

Jay, I gave you countless a... (Below threshold)

Jay, I gave you countless accomplishments, unfortunately you don't understand that awards are a type of accomplishment and are in denial. So, you'll live in the dark. That's OK. Your life.

Boy, Jay's job here is diff... (Below threshold)

Boy, Jay's job here is difficult.


Other than that, Google's URL is:

You just look for that Advanced Search feature and type in "John Kerry awards" and/or "...accomplishments" and then you cut-n-paste the results all over conservative/moderate/Republican websites.

But, more importantly, all that time on your own behalf, liberals, and do you think it makes one tad of a beneficial impact on conservative voters? No, it doesn't. From what I read from many liberals, even they don't like Kerry but they're opting to vote for him because of the "ABB" illogic. So, vote for Kerry, a bad candidate, because you think Bush is a bad President.

Which makes as much sense as cut and pasting Google results all over the internet.

Jay, I feel your pain.

Dave, you forgot to give cr... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Dave, you forgot to give credit to where it's due -- you cut and pasted that entire piece on Kerry's legislative record from the Kerry's campaign site here.

And people say Kerry's OPPONENTS are just reciting their "talking points" from their leaders? Sheesh, at least we PARAPHRASE to cover our tracks better than you do, you moron.

Note to any future plagiarists: Google is your enemy. I plugged "FACTS ON JOHN KERRY’S LEGISLATIVE RECORD" into Google and .89 seconds later, Dave's source popped up as the #1 result. You can and will be busted that easily.


I remember hearing how John... (Below threshold)

I remember hearing how John Kerry stood up to special interests and would never represent special interests and be a man of the people. Hearing him say that was seared - seared into my mind at the time.

And so I am glad to see that John Kerry has valiantly fought against special interests by being the Massachusetts Telecommunications Council "Policy Maker of the Year", Visiting Nurse Association of America's "Legislator of the Year", Massachusetts Association of Home Health Care's "Legislator of the Year", National Health Association's "Legislator of the Year", Minority Business Enterprise Legal Defense Fund "Minority Business Development Trendsetter of the Year", B'nai Brith Council of Greater Boston's "Man of the Year", and for winning awards from a good dozen other special interest groups.

And the funny thing is that he posts this on his site without a whiff of hypocrisy at all.

Jay Tea,I have a j... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

I have a job and a family to raise, I do not have a full-time job devoted to answering your negative attacks on Kerry's record or as you say "lack of one".

I happen to look not just at the record but what are the ideas of each candidate. My view is that Kerry's ideas beat Bush's ideas any day of the week in terms of setting priorities for this country.

You also have stated that the ABB people are not looking at Kerry's record. Maybe that is because Bush's policies are so bad in our view that throwing a dart in the phone book would yield a better set of policies from a president. I do not think it is bad to vote simply against someone because you think he has done a bad job.

And in 4 years if you think President Kerry has done a bad job, feel free to vote against him again.


My view is that Kerry's ... (Below threshold)

My view is that Kerry's ideas beat Bush's ideas any day of the week in terms of setting priorities for this country.

Dave- That line would be far more impressive if you, OR EVEN JOHN KERRY HIMSELF could actually tell me his ideas.

So it is "Get France to love us" and "do better."

Maybe I missed a few?

Jay Tea,Obviously ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

Obviously you have not listened to him enough and have not read his website, plenty of details on his plans, both foreign and domestic.

And no I am not going to copy it here. You can do your own research but my sense based on your previous post is that you never seriously considered any of John Kerry's ideas and was against any Democrat no matter what his ideas would be.

On the GWB side, just imagine if we had waited 6 - 12 months to invade Iraq and we had put 100,000 troops in Afganistan to go after Osama instead of 20,000 and we had the additional troops to backup our negotiations with the North Korean's. We would be in a much stronger position right now.

Do you think it is a coincidence that North Korea flexed its muscles when we were pretty much tapped out with dealing with Iraq????

What about the much greater threat, Iran???

Basically, I pretty much draw the line when the president invades the wrong country for the wrong reason.







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