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Down To Earth Millionaires

I ran into Ethan Zohn in the Atlanta airport this evening. I didn't actually run into him I just happened to sit down next to him at a Delta gate. I was desperate for an electrical outlet to plug in the laptop and read mail, and lo and behold there he was sitting next to me.

If you don't recognize Ethan's name, perhaps you might recognize his picture:


Ethan won the million dollars on Survivor:Africa and was one of the Survivor All Stars. If you're a fan of the show you may remember that Zorn is a ruggedly handsome soccer player, and you might also be aware that he is dating fellow Survivor winner Jenna Morasca. Surely such a blessed person must be a swelled headed celebrity, right? Wrong! Ethan is about as nice, and normal a person as you'd ever meet.

I don't envy Ethan's recognition factor in public. While we talked and waited for separate flights he was approached more than once for pictures and "hey, are you Ethan?" Just as you would imagine if you saw him on TV he was as nice and courteous even when asked the unintentionally funny question, "would you do it again?" [Ed - He did it 'again' on Survivor All Stars]

Anyway we talked technology, gadgets, blogs, and charities. Ethan is involved in a real cool one - Grassroot Soccer. What is Grassroot Soccer?

Grassroot Soccer is an international AIDS awareness and education organization. Founded in 2002, by current and former professional soccer players, our mission is to mobilize the global soccer community to combat the AIDS epidemic in Africa. We train professional African soccer players and other role models to educate youth about critical life-skills and HIV/AIDS prevention strategies. Our focus is on helping youth to adopt healthy behaviors and empowering them to reach out to others in the community.

Go visit his site and get a free Grassroot Soccer T-shirt by donating online.

I kind of promised that you all would pay his site a visit. You wouldn't want to let me, or more importantly Ethan down would you?

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The only one from Survivor ... (Below threshold)

The only one from Survivor I know is the naked SEAL dude. Rudy?

The only one from Survivor ... (Below threshold)

The only one from Survivor I know is the naked SEAL dude. Rudy?

It frightens me to realize ... (Below threshold)

It frightens me to realize that I know this despite having never watched an episode, but Rudy wasn't the naked guy. That was Richard Hatch, not to be confused with the guy from Battlestar Galactica.

I salute you, James, for having been even more disengaged from that show than I managed to be. ;-)

Page Friggin' 6 "ALERT!"</p... (Below threshold)

Page Friggin' 6 "ALERT!"

Think of it as an accidenta... (Below threshold)

Think of it as an accidental warmup for my RNC coverage.

He really is nice. He went ... (Below threshold)

He really is nice. He went here in the Philippines and he was very warm to everyone. He's not the kind of person who'd say "I'm a great soccer player, so worship me." He's down-to-earth.






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