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It's an honor just to be nominated...

Earlier this week my piece on John Kerry's "war crimes" was nominated by the Watcher Of Weasels site as one of the best "non-Council of Watchers" postings of the previous week. Well, the votes are in, and I tied for dead last.

I'm not letting this get me down, though. Not only did I think that was one of my weaker pieces of late, but this was the first time I'd been nominated. Had I won, I would have had nowhere else to go. I'd much rather be a "up and comer" than a "flash in the pan." I consider myself challenged to do better in future polls.

The gratuitous cheap shots may now commence.


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I take it then, that non-gr... (Below threshold)

I take it then, that non-gratuitous cheap shots aren't welcome?

Anyway, cheap shots are better than none... ;-)

Well, it was a 6-way tie wi... (Below threshold)

Well, it was a 6-way tie with a few other really excellent posts, and you were up against four others who managed to get skunked this week... so it coulda been worse! ;-)

Hey, you were read and noti... (Below threshold)

Hey, you were read and noticed and even -- gulp! -- voted upon! So, that's something!

I agree with your take on this, that it's good to appreciate not winning, rather than winning and then having to go away into the mist of oblivion (nothing worse).

Having experienced the full range of those experiences (not been in Weasels' competition, but in other similar life trials), I can wholeheartedly agree that it's better to not go away into the mist of oblivion.

Um, perhaps I place too much importance on the Weasels' competition, now that I think about it.


It's ok. I'm ON the counci... (Below threshold)

It's ok. I'm ON the council, and I think I have received ZERO points at least 50% of the time. (But we are not allowed to vote for ourselves - which explains why!)

Speaking as someone who too... (Below threshold)

Speaking as someone who took last place in the 2003 blogger awards comedy division, I say "cherish your disgrace" :-)






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