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Olympic Babe Of The Day - Amy Acuff


Amy Acuff is the cover-girl of this month's Playboy and a champion high jumper. More revealing pictures here and here (Neither is work safe).

Reminder: Don't forget to vote for the Olympic Babe Of The Week for week 1 of the Games. You can vote once a day, and the polls close this weekend.

Comments (11)

High jumper, eh?He... (Below threshold)

High jumper, eh?



My mind is so filthy right now.

If a "high jumper" affects ... (Below threshold)

If a "high jumper" affects you that much McGeehee, how will you react to the "pole vaulter"?

Hey, Canada just got a silv... (Below threshold)

Hey, Canada just got a silver in women's trampoline. Top that!

Jeff, I thank you for the c... (Below threshold)

Jeff, I thank you for the compliment.

By far my favorite of your ... (Below threshold)

By far my favorite of your olympic babes thus far.

This site gets my vote for ... (Below threshold)

This site gets my vote for best Olympic coverage by a weblog.

I always have to laugh when... (Below threshold)

I always have to laugh when I see conservatives doing things that are so hypocritical. For the party that wants to outlaw all pornography and then demeans women athletes on their political blogging website.

I hope your wives/girlfriends know what you are really doing when you tell her that you are "completing an anti-Kerry blog".


Dave apparently doesn't get... (Below threshold)

Dave apparently doesn't get out much.

Dave wins. His comment was ... (Below threshold)

Dave wins. His comment was by far the funniest. Gold medal for Dave.

I think Stacy Dragila deserves some love and attention. She failed to qualify for the finals in the women's pole vault (that's for Jeff and McGehee), but when she did she had this sort of pouty, confused look on her face that was just so adorable. Sad, but adorable. Just the sort of look that makes you wanna lure her back to your house and lock her in the basement.

Jeff is funny in a scary so... (Below threshold)

Jeff is funny in a scary sort of way.

Gotta agree with you guys, ... (Below threshold)

Gotta agree with you guys, Amy is definitely my Olympic highligt especially when I found the Playboy Pics of her. Considering her sub-par performance in Athens and previous olympics, I suggest she focus her career on exploting her body instead of that high jumping hobby of hers!!






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