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Allow me to translate

What John Edwards says:

"This is the moment of truth for President Bush," Edwards said in North Carolina. "The American people have to hear directly that these ads need to come off the air."

What John Edwards means:

"These ads are killing us and at this rate the wheels are going to come off this thing. PLEASE, PLEASE, I'm begging you, PLEASE take them off the air. You're killing us."


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Comments (11)

(clutching the cotter pins ... (Below threshold)

(clutching the cotter pins stolen off the Kerry campaign's wheels)

<evil, maniacal cackle>

LOL! (Seriously out loud!)... (Below threshold)

LOL! (Seriously out loud!)

When I first read it, I thought you were going to say "What he *should* be saying is: This is the moment of truth for John Kerry. The American people have to hear directly that these allegations are false. We are releasing all of the records."

It's too bad your version is the truth!

Am I going to have to creat... (Below threshold)

Am I going to have to create a companion to the Kerry Lexicon now?

I don't get it. I keep hea... (Below threshold)

I don't get it. I keep hearing this sort of thing from my fellow conservatives. Where is there any shred of evidence that this stuff is actually hurting Kerry?

It should be hurting Kerry, but it doesn't look to me like it is.

Spoons you keep asking the ... (Below threshold)

Spoons you keep asking the question and I keep answering it.

Check the polls.

news.google.com is your friend newsgoogle "swift boat ads poll"

or check the last time you asked the question here and mcgehee answered it.

Here SpoonsVietnam... (Below threshold)

Here Spoons

Vietnam doubts hurt Kerry

Kerry's defense may have come too late, some say

Going Negative: When It Works

Political shoals of the swift-boat wars

Polls show ads attacking war record hurting Kerry

Enough shreds for you?

They are NOT on the air eno... (Below threshold)

They are NOT on the air enough - at least I have not seen so much as one since the injunction went thru Edwards' lawyers. I'm sick of Kerry/Edward's hissy-fitting!!!

Friday - Bring! It! On!<br ... (Below threshold)

Friday - Bring! It! On!
Saturday - Make! It! Stop!

What a difference a day makes, eh?

Beautiful JUMBO, beautiful.... (Below threshold)

Beautiful JUMBO, beautiful. You are a frickin genius.

My version (variation on th... (Below threshold)

My version (variation on the theme by Jumbo):

Kerry: "Bring it on!"

Response: "O.K.!"

As in, it's been brought on.

Next thing we'll read (I'm actually waiting to read this any moment now), Teresa Heinz Kerry is going to say something like, her "husband's honor has been attacked" and so she's spending "whatever it takes" to "help him" win the Presidency.

And John Kerry suddenly appearing flush.

Or, could be events in reverse order of that, dunnno, but I do anticipate Kerry suddenly "unleashing the millions" that Teresa has at the ready. In the name of honor, donchyaknow.

The millions have been unle... (Below threshold)

The millions have been unleashed -- to John-Boy Edwards' Band of BrotherTrialLawyers who've been threatening legal action against anyone who tells the truth about John-Waffles.






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