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Olympic Babe Of The Day - Logan Tom

Logan Tom

Logan Tom lead the U.S. Womens volleyball team into the quarterfinals with a victory over defending gold medalist Cuba.

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The picture here as well as... (Below threshold)

The picture here as well as the others in whatever lad mag (Maxim or FHM) is featuring Olympic babes doesn't do justice to her. She looked much, much better on tv showing the Cubans how to play volleyball.

Beofre she cut her hair she... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Beofre she cut her hair she was absolutely gorgeous:


Wow...she certainly is one ... (Below threshold)

Wow...she certainly is one mighty fine young lady.

In yesterday's game against... (Below threshold)

In yesterday's game against the Cubans (God, I love it when the USA beats up on communist countries; toward the end, the vocal Cuban fans got real quiet), there was one camera at court-level right behind the server. Logan Tom likes to bend over and bounce the ball on the court a few times before her jump-serve. Every time she did, the guy running that camera took special care to frame the shot to give us the best view of her butt.

Tell me again why the summer Olympics only comes around once every four years?

She could certainly "tithe"... (Below threshold)

She could certainly "tithe" me over.

I remember watching her las... (Below threshold)

I remember watching her last time and noting her thin, but attractive looks.

i like her hair cut now.</p... (Below threshold)

i like her hair cut now.

Coming from a girl, yeah, L... (Below threshold)

Coming from a girl, yeah, Logan is cute...a little too thin, but cute...and she's damn good at volleyball!!

Yesyes, logan is damn hot!<... (Below threshold)

Yesyes, logan is damn hot!

I saw that cuba match, man. My god, she had like 15 kills.

I played volleyball in high... (Below threshold)

I played volleyball in high school...there was 1 girl who could do the jump serve like logan...if only I was as good as her!!

whats your problem of sayin... (Below threshold)

whats your problem of saying that it feels good to beat a communist countrie , the americains have no liberty , CUBA !!!!!!!!!QUE LINDO

Logan is an amazing player ... (Below threshold)

Logan is an amazing player and her haircut is awesome!






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