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Illegal Procedure

That's the technical term for offensive offsides in football. It applies to manufactured controversy as well - sometimes you just leave the line of scrimmage too early.

Case in point - The Democratic Underground and Daily Koz spent the day trying to generate a medal controversy and pin it to George Bush's lapel. Too bad it all goes to shit on them as the day progresses. Of course you have to read to the very end where they figure out that they don't quite have all their facts straight.

Of course the smack down they finally get in their own comment section, such as:

bushsux - I hate to burst your bubble but...

I can confirm that the on documents associated with Bush's completion of his basic training (NGB 22 dated 3 September 68), he is listed as having received SAEMR which I think it is safe to assume mean Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon

there is a DIFFERENCE between the Texas STATE Guard, and the Texas NATIONAL Guard. Believe it or not, Texas actually does have its own "army" separate and distinct from the Texas National Guard. The failure of Bush to be get ribbons/medals that were awarded to members of the Texas STATE guard (i.e. the Texas Faithful Service Medal and the Texas State Guard Service Medal) is of no consequence.

I don't know whether or not medals that are awarded to UNITS would be included on an individual's discharge records....that being said, however, I think its clear that we are making a mountain out of a molehill that does not exist.

bwise - When assigned to a unit, a member is entitled to wear ribbons for awards previously granted that unit. For example, I was a Captain in the 465th Bomb Wing in the late 60s and wore the unit's outstanding unit ribbon awarded years earlier. After leaving that unit I was no longer entitled to it, and there is no reference in my DD214 of course. It is, however, appropriately shown on my uniform in official photos.
haven't prompted either site to change the title of their posts to, "We Don't Know What The Fuck We're Talking About, But Here's A New Bush Air National Guard Story.."

Update: Sticking with the football metaphor, I guess you'd have to call this USA Today story - Questions about Bush's Guard service unanswered
- delay of game. They're hardly covering new teritory there.


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Comments (8)

Timeout. I'm a *De... (Below threshold)


I'm a *Democrat* myself, and I still thought that was uncalled for. Bush released all of his records and set the controversy to rest back when the whole "AWOL Bush" rumors began.

Besides that, comparing medals and talking about Kerry's "real" service in the military just disrespected all of our dedicated reservists. Common sense tells me that reservists will generally earn less medals due to being involved in less combat, but they don't deserve to be damned for it.

Arrrgh...Vietnam was 30 years ago! I wish these idiots would start talking about things that actually affect us NOW. I mean, I don't expect the DU to suddenly become smart, but it would be start.

Hey, what about John Kerry'... (Below threshold)

Hey, what about John Kerry's lies before the U.S. Senate? The Demos this morning are TRYING to say that Kerry never said that U.S. "military" DID 'THOSE THINGS' (the many grotesqueries Kerry testified about) so that Kerry, as per the Demo and Kerry apologists, is guiltless because he never said that the "U.S. military did those things, just that he said that some people did...

I've heard "the dog ate my homework" excuses before but this last one takes the doghouse. The Demos are this morning insisting that everyone really, truly believe that they are without character. At least, lack intellectual capacity. O.K., o.k., about this, the Demos are right: they are.

This is truly boiling down to the Trial Lawyers Attack America campaign. It's courtroom double speak, Johnnie Cochran manipulations of facts...keep the truth from the jury, then emotionally motivate them to identify with the client, and, presto, you get the client off. Irregardless of guilt.

Kerry and Edwards are Masters at the Slip and Fall Scam. America, beware.

Rather than Delay of Game, ... (Below threshold)

Rather than Delay of Game, how about we call that last one "Forward Pass Thrown From Beyond the Line of Scrimmage"? Or maybe just "Excessive Timeouts"?

Or perhaps this whole line of thought should be flagged for "Illegal shift" since it's obvious it's only purpose to to try and change the subject.

Hey Alex, If George Bush di... (Below threshold)
Gary B.:

Hey Alex, If George Bush died tommorrow, John Kerry would still be attacked. Actually John Kerry is the only one who can stop the SwiftBoatVets from pounding him. John O"Neil is the ringleader and he's directing the attacks against Kerry because John Kerry testified under oath and told the world that American soldiers were committing attrocities daily with full knowledge up and down the chain of command. John O'Neil asked Kerry "if he wittnessed any of the crimes being committed, and if he did, did he report them to his commander" because that's what any rational thinking person would do whether in a war zone or not. John Kerry could stop the attacks if he drops out of the race, and unfortunately since I see the SwiftBoatVets have received over $1.7 million in new donations since last Wednesday. WoW! Yeap! Kerry's only hope for stopping the attacks is to drop out. It's completely between those two.

Heh, that link to the Daily... (Below threshold)

Heh, that link to the Daily Koz just brings up a page saying - "Site Down For Maintenance"

I guess he's busy frantically deleting stuff that has been debunked.

This same illegal procedure... (Below threshold)

This same illegal procedure was tried again today when Max Clelan (sp?) went to Bush's ranch today but never made it past the police officer, so he went to the middle school where all the traveling reporters stay and spoke to them. I mean, how IDIOTIC can one get?

The Bush ribbon episode at ... (Below threshold)

The Bush ribbon episode at Democratic Underground became even more bizarre... (I made the post you cite above).. They then tried to claim Bush wasn't entitled to the National Defense ribbon in addition to the Outstanding Unit Award stating a totally ignorant misunderstanding of DOD regs. I explained in additional posts they had confused "active duty for training" as applied to ready reservists, with Guard and Reservists who are on extended active duty which includes training. I was then banned from posting!!!! But then I have only 40 years of related experience... and I'm a Democrat! There was someone posting under "Stephanie" in the same thread yesterday claiming she had discovered Bush was not even a veteran(!) and I can't even try to clear up that for her.

There shouldn't be any cont... (Below threshold)

There shouldn't be any controversy about Bush's ineligibility for the National Defense Service Medal. He has never released any document indicating that one was issued to him. That is because his only active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States was one month and 11 days of active duty for training. If you neo-cons are so gung-ho about his service, show us a DD-214 with Bush's names that has NDSM under awards, etc.






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