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Olympic News You May Have Missed

You can go other places to find the real news at the Olympics. Here at Wizbang we'll stick with the odd stuff.

Michael Moore page your office. We've got your next project lined up...


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<a href="http://story.news.... (Below threshold)
Svetlana Khorkina: <p... (Below threshold)

Svetlana Khorkina:

"It should be judged primarily on grace, elegance and beauty rather than simply on mechanical tumbling."

Whew...I don't know about anyone else, but I find her routines difficult to watch. She is very talented, but so tall and lanky that there is little grace or elegance to speak of. (My wife looks away when she is performing because it bugs her so much.)

I think you need a correcti... (Below threshold)

I think you need a correction. The Russian shot putter was the first woman (if she is indeed one - yikes!) to get stripped of a medal. A male Greek weightlifter was stripped before her.

King, my girlfriend and I w... (Below threshold)

King, my girlfriend and I were saying the exact same thing while watching her. When she was on the balance beam her hands were flying around...just didn't look graceful at all. Honestly, I kept wondering why the announcers were making such a big deal about her. She's so frail and skinny she just doesn't seem to have the strength to move like some of the other girls.

My roommate, who is a docto... (Below threshold)

My roommate, who is a doctor, swears up and down that Sveta has Marfan's Syndrome. How she can be so certain of this I don't know, but she insists that Khorkina shows all the classic symptoms.

I wonder if that might have anything to do with her being insane, too?

I heard about the banned bl... (Below threshold)

I heard about the banned blogs from American Soldier aka http://soldierlife.blogspot.com; he was appalled. After watching the Olympics tonight, I was appalled at the scoring.

Screw that, I yell at the tv too much!






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