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O’Neil Dares Kerry to Sue Him

Via Newsmax

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth spokesman John O’Neill dared Sen. John Kerry on Sunday to sue him for libel if, as Kerry’s presidential campaign maintains, key claims in O’Neill’s book “Unfit for Command” are not true.

“I invite him to sue me for libel,” O’Neill, who co-authored the overnight best seller with Jerome Corsi, told WABC Radio’s Monica Crowley.

“If he was actually in Cambodia on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, he should sue me. If, in fact, those other five [Swift] Boats, on March the 13, [1969], if they all fled like he did, instead of staying like he knows they did, he should sue me.”

O’Neill continued, “If he didn’t wound himself with a grenade, causing sort of a rice-fanny wound, and then reported it to the Navy as a water mine - if he didn’t do that on March 13, he should sue me.”

O’Neill issued the challenge after noting that Kerry’s campaign has gone to extraordinary lengths to suppress the information in “Unfit for Command.”

“On our first [Swiftvet] ad, he had two huge law firms send letters to every [TV] station, threatening to sue the stations themselves” if they ran the ad, the former Swift Boat commander told Crowley.

“The next thing he did was challenge the book’s publisher, Regnery, indicating he would sue them if they continued printing the book,” he added.

Of course O'Neil would dance for joy if Kerry sued him. Then it would be on the front page of every paper and the cables would be calling it "The political trial of the century." Kerry has made many, many campaign mistakes but somebody on his team is smart enough to know better.

Chad Evans over at inthebullpen.com explains why Kerry would lose and notes:

What is surprising and what makes this story more credible is that Kerry and the DNC have attacked everyone connected to the story other than O’Neil. While lawsuits are threatened against television stations and Media Matters threatens bookstores selling the book, O’Neil remain unscathed. If you want to stop someone telling a malicious lie against you, you go after the source first, not the several outlets that spread the content. ...

That's a good observation but as I said, suing O'Neil would thrill him because it would become the centerpiece of the campaign.

O'Neil has a good line here. He can stand up to Kerry and make Kerry look like a gutless blowhard. O'Neil is smart enough to know that.

I've been critical of the way Kerry and his campaign has replied to this but I must admit I'm at a loss for a better strategy.


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Comments (14)

Yea and wouldn't that be a ... (Below threshold)

Yea and wouldn't that be a great distraction from the real issues of this campaign a media-circus trial.


Like it would go to court b... (Below threshold)

Like it would go to court before the 2008 elections.

I think Dave's trying to di... (Below threshold)

I think Dave's trying to distract us from Janet Jackson's boob.

I do not think any of the s... (Below threshold)

I do not think any of the so-called anti-porn conservatives could ever be distracted from "Janet Jackson's boob"


I still think Kerry has scr... (Below threshold)

I still think Kerry has screwed himself but good. Even if the media succeed in portraying the swifties as liars and general no-goodniks, Kerry will never look the same in the eyes of voters. On the other hand, this can do Bush no good either, given the risk of the swifties appearing to be his proxies. Again, a goal of the general media.

More analysis here, but the main thing is, if Kerry is really the hero he says he is, he can spring a trap at any time by simply releasing suitable documentation to definitively prove he is right-- and the swifties will be wrong and Kerry will be swept into office.

Coming up with a competent ... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

Coming up with a competent strategy isn't all that difficult, and is still doable.

1) Authorize the DOD to release all of Kerry's service and medical records.

2) Stop touting Kerry's 140 days in Vietnam as his bona fides for being president. The only reason his 'Nam service is an issue is because Kerry has made it, not just an issue, but the central point of his campaign.

3) Talk about the future, and stop whining about Bush.

4) Kerry made a mistake, admit it and take the consequences like a man.

5) Stop acting like a sniveling wimp that runs to the lawyers. I stopped acting like this back in the 4th grade.

6) Stop trying to be the "cool dude" next door. Kerry is a freakin' privileged blue blood. He should stop trying to be something he is not, and work on showing us why his blue-bloodness is what we need for the next 4 years. American's do elect bluebloods (WW, FDR).

I no longer care who is telling the trugh about Kerry's Vietnam service. His actions in the last few weeks have shown me that Kerry does not have the mettle to be a leader. The Dems should have put up Lieberman.

Have any of you noticed tha... (Below threshold)

Have any of you noticed that the Swiftboat veterans entry page (http://www.swiftvets.com/) has been down for hours?

The system returned:

(110) Connection timed outThe remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.

Wooops! It's back ... (Below threshold)

Wooops! It's back up again.

I haven't paid any attentio... (Below threshold)

I haven't paid any attention at all to Justin Timberlake. The Brazilian women's volleyball team's behinds, though...

And Dave, if you think all conservatives are anti-porn, you must still be stuck in the 1950s.

No McGehee, you must be liv... (Below threshold)

No McGehee, you must be living in a plastic bubble. There have been so many pieces of legislation sponsored by Republicans to essentially outlaw porn by saying it is not included as free speach.

If you think the NeoCons are not for outlawing anything but the missionary position between married couples for the purpose of creating children you are delusional.


Rtfm, yup it is.... but wha... (Below threshold)

Rtfm, yup it is.... but what's weird is, it's also different from the original one I looked at a month ago. hmmm

Kevin Mc, please don't try ... (Below threshold)

Kevin Mc, please don't try to confuse Dave with facts or anything. You might interfere with his use of the hate appelation of the year, "NeoCon."

Thankfully, he's not talking about me. I've been conservative for decades (actually, I've never been much of anything but conservative), so I guess that would make me a "presbycon."

Which is borne out by my belief that pornography is fine in the hands of the average adult.

Hell, I was a conservative ... (Below threshold)

Hell, I was a conservative by the time I was 14.

But since that occurred after Barry Goldwater, I guess that might qualify me as part of the Neo-Conga Ball.

What "Remy Logan at A... (Below threshold)

What "Remy Logan at August 23, 2004 03:47 PM" wrote...






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