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Strengthen The Good - Hurricane Charley Disaster Relief Fund

Strengthen The Good has selected a charity for Hurricane Charley relief: The Gulf Coast Community Foundation Of Venice Hurricane Charley Disaster Relief Fund.

The GCCF of Venice Board of Directors voted to match contributions to its Hurricane Charley Disaster Relief Fund up to $100,000, noting they are "pleased to be able to offer a means for giving where 100% of the donations will be directed to the agencies providing the services required to sustain and improve life for the victims."

Find out how you can help.

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This is an excellent cause ... (Below threshold)

This is an excellent cause (obviously) and is in need of everyone's help. Also donate to the Red Cross so they can buy food and goods in bulk. The State of Florida has been literally wiped out and as American's we always do what we can to help our fellow man. Do this, too.






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