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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ was yet another blank canvas for you all to work your masterpieces. There were so many good entries, that the musical section could have formed its own top 3. Alas, they pay me pennies an hour to make the hard choices like this...

Here are the winning captions for following photo:

Senator John Kerry's Vietnam War record came under attack again as a group of veterans released a new television spot denouncing anti-war views expressed by the Democratic presidential contender in 1971(AFP/Hector Mata)

1) (Stephen Macklin) - "Next time they tell me to look straight ahead during a Botox treatment I'm going to listen."

2) (spacemonkey) - "This mind intentionally left blank."

3) (SarahW) - "John Kerry prepares to escort a CIA man on a secret, um, covert.... er.... clandestine mission through the ductwork of his Idahoan Ski chalet.

'I'd better hold your hat, it's a tight fit.'"

Until next Friday...


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Comments (13)

In reviewing the entries, I... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

In reviewing the entries, I notice that all three of the winners were posted together, one right after the other, within a two-hour window on Saturday afternoon...

And Kevin was notoriously quiet this weekend on posting... as if he had other things to do...

And Kevin's only posting on Saturday was a mere 11 minutes after the third winning entry was submitted...

I'm not saying that Kevin blew off the contest this weekend except for a few minutes on Saturday evening, when he grabbed the three most recent entries around the same time he posted the Olympic Babe Of The Day, but I QUESTION THE TIMING...


Jay, you wouldn't be sugges... (Below threshold)

Jay, you wouldn't be suggesting that Kevin has Kerry'd this contest? Abandoning the participants to do what was best for himself?

Even though I would have chosen my entry to win, I'm having a hard time believing Kevin would Kerry the contest.

Probably just a coincidence. Yeah, that's it - a coincidence.

Yea, Jay, that's the ticket... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Yea, Jay, that's the ticket the Olympic Babe of the Day made him overlook my entries.

Actually, Spacemonkey's caption was the one I liked the best.

Actually, Spacemonkey's ... (Below threshold)

Actually, Spacemonkey's caption was the one I liked the best.

It's funny because it's true.

I demand a recount!... (Below threshold)

I demand a recount!

I always blow off the conte... (Below threshold)

I always blow off the contest until Sunday evening!

Actually I read all of the entries in one sitting on Sunday evening. If I read them as they were submitted the first submissions would have an unfair advantage.

Rodney, I liked yours and spacemonkey's, though his just a bit more. The number #3 slot was a problem child - I had 5 different captions in it (including some of yours) before giving up...

I believe the judging was f... (Below threshold)

I believe the judging was fair, wise and insightful. I can't say as much for the spelling of the winner's name though!!

Kevin offers an explanation... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Kevin offers an explanation, but I still have questions...

I call on Glen Reynolds, as godfather of the Blogosphere, to appoint a special investigator! We cannot let these questions remain unanswered before the American people!

(Hmm... I just tried to post a new piece, but the only categories I could choose from were "Apologies," "Retractions," and "Jay Tea Is An Ass." Looks like there's a glitch in the software, Kevin...)


Stephen - It was very late ... (Below threshold)

Stephen - It was very late and I forgot to cut and paste. Fixed now.

Jay Tea - I'll fess up... I wrote all the winning captions then invented blogging identities to cover my tracks. I've been writing those three blogs for months all leading up to this magical moment. I can't believe my plot was unmasked...

What I want to know is why ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

What I want to know is why you left the Apologies and Retractions categories open for Jay?

I wrote all the winning captions then invented blogging identities to cover my tracks. I've been writing those three blogs for months all leading up to this magical moment. I can't believe my plot was unmasked

As a figment of you imagination, I just want to say, you need to get out more.

Overall the caption contest competition has been getting tougher. People are coming up with better captions. Some in part to all the material that Kerry provides.

Kevin, if you've been writi... (Below threshold)

Kevin, if you've been writing my blog, you've really been doing a sucky job. I can barely make myself read it.

The sad thing is, Kevin's a... (Below threshold)

The sad thing is, Kevin's a figment of my imagination.

Don't tell my wife you've b... (Below threshold)

Don't tell my wife you've been writing my blog. She'll start to wonder what I'm doing on the computer all the time!






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