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Kerry Calls Dole

From the Sean Hannity show, via NewsMax:

Dole told Kerry, "I'm not trying to stir anything up, but I don't believe every one of these people who have talked about what happened are Republican liars.

"And very frankly, Bush is my guy, and I'm tired of people on your side calling him everything from a coward to a traitor to everything - a deserter."

Dole said he urged Kerry, "Why don't you call George Bush today and say, 'Mr. President, let's stop all this stuff about the National Guard and Vietnam - and let's talk about the issues."

Dole said Kerry responded, "I haven't spent one dime attacking President Bush."

But the Republican war hero shot back, "You don't have to. You've got all the so-called mainstream media, plus you've got MoveOn.org and all these other groups that have spent millions and millions of dollars trying to tarnish Bush's image."

"Don't tell me you don't know what some of these people are doing," he told Kerry.

How could Kerry possibly have no way of knowing what any of those groups are doing, given this web of connections?

Anyway, there in a nutshell is the Kerry mantra:

"I haven't spent one dime attacking President Bush."

Which begs the question, "Why not?"


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Comments (5)

"I haven't spent one dim... (Below threshold)

"I haven't spent one dime attacking President Bush."

Excuse me, but WTF is he talking about?

He has run 2 or 3 direct attack ads on Bush. (That I know of)

Kerry lies more than Gore.

Each and every "Democratic ... (Below threshold)

Each and every "Democratic Advisor/Spokesperson" (whatever, but they all have various titles identifying them as "Democratic...") I've heard speak about ANYthing related to Kerry campaign ALWAYS says -- in that overspeak/I won't stop talking method that drowns out anyone else's comments -- that "Bush didn't serve honorably" or various permuations of that same attack on President Bush.

They can't discuss Kerry's behavior or refuse to so instead they continue the NEGATIVE ATTACK SPEECH on President Bush and attempt to dishonor his military service record. Not like they haven't been doing so for the past several years, either, only now, it's Kerry's Plan, despite his denials compounded his dishonesty, it's the apparent Demos Plan to continue to lash out with nastiness about George Bush based upon some sort of "military" reference or aspersions, despite them being unfounded and even ludicrouosly bizare.

Obviously, Kerry and now Edwards can continue to harp on about how bad they consider everyone else or anyone not voting for them, just as Kerry has built a career upon the same behavior (and hasn't, actually, Edwards, also?), while negating their very negative behavior, attempting to project it on opponents.

This truly is the behavior of psychosis, what Kerry and Campaign are doing. They've been pricked and they are trying to avoid the penalty of responsibility for their own behavior by persisting in being...ummm...pricks. Con artists at work.

If Democrats could just stop yelling down anyone with anything else to say, they'd raise the possibility that the rest of us just might begin to take them more seriously (well, maybe). But, given the appearances on the airwaves by the Democratic Spokespeople/Various Titles lately, and their Persistent ShoutDown behaviors, I'd say that the Demos are truly going insane.

I suppose preventing anyone from speaking works to a degree. At least we get to see the Demos for who they really are: intolerant, irrational, ill behaved, hateful and without the ability to revise their opinions based upon changing information.

Which also defines well "fascism." Sorry to be the one to tell them, but, well, Liberalism...it's the springboard to dictators worldwide, throughout time. We see it crystal clear in the Kerry campaign, in Demos nationwide, attempting to silence anyone and everyone who dares to ask clarifying questions.

And, by the way, isn't (Geo... (Below threshold)

And, by the way, isn't (George) Soros' insistence on some sort of worldwide similarity a tad fascist? I mean, not like soros isn't determined to see the world go the Soros Way.

Take Soros, Bing and a few others out of the Liberal mix and there isn't any foundation. But, actually, on the other hand, we get to see just how dictatorial these who finance the Kerry media that Kerry says isn't affiliated with him that is, in effect, affiliated with Kerry...we get to see the nonsense and deceit involved.

Support Kerry or don't but stop lying about who you fund, how, what, when. It's the refusal to identify by Liberals that always leads to their own demise. I think it's called cowardice.

The question "Why not?" is ... (Below threshold)

The question "Why not?" is indeed seriously begged. Excellent point. Because he knew he didnt need too, thus coordination. Heh heh.

I'm laughing right along wi... (Below threshold)

I'm laughing right along with Don, and for the same reason.

"Why not?"

Heh. Brilliant :-)






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