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Olympic News You May Have Missed - II

You can go other places to find the real news at the Olympics. Here at Wizbang we'll stick with the odd stuff.


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» Nakedvillainy.com linked with Pam Anderson Fairey Godmother?

Comments (3)

What? You entered "Olympics... (Below threshold)

What? You entered "Olympics + boobies" and got the Pam Anderson link as a bonus?

LMAO @ the Aussie rower, th... (Below threshold)

LMAO @ the Aussie rower, that's some funny shit.

And Bardwarj definitely looked a little loose around the middle. Had roughly the same midsection as me.

She was still kickass.

On your first post about th... (Below threshold)

On your first post about the Olympics, I heard about the athletes not being able to use computers through AMERICAN SOLDER (http://soldierlife.blogspot.com/) first. The water polo shot made me crack up laughing. I know MO from Pam Anderson since she always has a sign that says GO MO. She donated $20,000 to this girl's training - like she couldn't afford to give more than that. I watched the gymnasts last night and they have put Paul Hamm in a very difficult and stressful position last night and it was so completely unfair. Let him enjoy his one gold medal and the one silver for tying score. He did really well under all that pressure. None of it was his fault, but the judges. I yell and scream at my tv and sure wish I had someone to talk to these things about when they happen. I hadn't realized he had an identical twin brother in the same sport - that was a surprise.
But the girl from Romania won a gold on the balance beam and she sure deserved it. Congratulations go to all the athletes who won medals and even to those who didn't, because just getting there is the hard part. I do believe, tho, that the Olympics are getting even more political than ever and something has to be done to stop that; these people work hard and train hard and they deserve everyone's respect. Being chronically ill and severely physically disabled, I can really appreciate what they put their bodies through, so it's quite amazing to watch. Except the judges drive me bananas!!!!






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