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Half Right

From the Pocket Guide To The Blogosphere:

Has A Thing For - Cheesecake, ugly minivans, sucking up to Instapundit
Can't Stand - Hugh Hewitt, Wonkette
The Has A Thing For part is fine, though I'd substitute MILF's for minivans. Speaking of MILF's, Allah knows I'd say these girls put the Muslim in MILF...

The Can't Stand portion is way off the mark. Apparently I can't stand Wonkette or Hugh Hewitt [Ed - Well they both could link to me more often]. I'll be sure to discuss this with them next week in New York when we have dinner together (seperatly)...


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Comments (4)

Actually, I just wanted to ... (Below threshold)

Actually, I just wanted to post another pic of Wonkette. Who can't u stand?

Minivans?I didn't ... (Below threshold)


I didn't know... I drive a customised GMC Safari, myself...

Please tell Wonkette no har... (Below threshold)

Please tell Wonkette no hard feelings about calling her pal Jessica a dirty dirty asswhore.

Wow. Those persian babes ar... (Below threshold)

Wow. Those persian babes are awesome. Someone call Playboy.

Oh come on, Jeff. Jessica Butterass is a liberated woman.






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