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Other than that, Mrs. Kennedy, how did you enjoy Dallas?

First, the good news: for the second week in a row, the Watchers' Council has nominated one of my pieces for Best Posting Of The Week (Non-Council Member). This time it was my posting on John Kerry: Peace Criminal? Winners are to be announced tomorrow night.

The bad news: two of my competitors are Blogs For Bush's uncovering of the ties between John Kerry's campaign and anti-Bush 527 groups (that I actually cited in another posting) and one by Wretchard. Not only is his site one of the ones I check daily, but I consider him one of the best thinkers in the Blogosphere (right up there with Steven Den Beste).

I'm torn between composing a brand-new concession speech and just recycling the one I wrote last week.


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Be more positive, Jay. Hav... (Below threshold)

Be more positive, Jay. Having once been an intellectual myself, I never talked down to people nor did I ever write anything that the normal, every day person could not understand. You're in the big leagues and I would rather read your posts than either one of those. If you consider that a compliment, just take it as one. :-)

I think concession is in yo... (Below threshold)

I think concession is in your cards. That piece by Wretchard was damn good (as is just about everything he produces.)

Let me w write it for you. ... (Below threshold)

Let me w write it for you. I dont even know who the hell they are, but since you post so much on my Blog, its the least I can do! LMAO!

Look at the bright side, <b... (Below threshold)

Look at the bright side, Jay. You're bound to come in higher than I do! ;-)






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