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The Book John Kerry Doesn't Want You To Read

After his return from Vietnam, John Kerry and wrote the book The New Soldier. The book is out of print, and John Kerry will not allow the publisher to reprint it.

Of course thanks to the Internet you can read it in PDF format.

Update: If there is anything we know for a fact about John Kerry, it is that he's lawyered up. I'll add Wizbang as the first mirror site.

The book is in three sections:



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Comments (3)

If you have very deep pocke... (Below threshold)

If you have very deep pockets there are a couple on ebay. This One is currently $610 - and it's only a paperback.

Now I'm going to have to spend my weekend reading the whole thing.

Oh, I almost forgot - If yo... (Below threshold)

Oh, I almost forgot - If you want another mirror, let me know. I'll donate some bandwidth.

It is for a good cause and all. :D

A bunch of whiners if you ... (Below threshold)

A bunch of whiners if you ask me. I started to peruse the book after downloading it (thanks for the heads up btw) and what I read was a bunch of innuendo and bitching & moaning. I know I didn't make it into the military until 1987, but WTF!?!? And look at some of the specialties logitistic command and public information office?!?! REMFs. Slackers. Lowlifes.

Every single one of them would have gotten blanket parties on a nightly basis in any of my old units.

Oh, and one more thing, why the hell is the US responsible for allied conduct? ROK marines raping someone or ARVN troops pushing pows out of helios are war crimes that the US is quilty of?

/end rant

again, thanks for the link






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