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Conventional Wisdom

  • Rick Perlstein in The Village Voice wonders, "if resistance against Bush actually plays into Bush's hands, is it really resistance?" In Get Mad. Act Out. Re-Elect George Bush he notes than the parallels between Chicago 1968 and New York 2004 are striking.
  • New York Magazine's Convention issue includes the story of a New York Magazine staffer who poses as a would-be booker to help Republican event coordinators line up some celebrity talent. Hilarity ensues...
  • MediaChannel.org and Media for Democracy present the "Unofficial Media Guide" - a resource for journalists seeking a detour from the tightly scripted rhetoric at Madison Square Garden. [Link]
  • Operation EXPOSE and DEPOSE - over 100 Axis of Eve members will perform perform a mass FLASH of protest panties. Wednesday, September 1st at 6pm at Robert F. Wagner Park, near the Battery Park Subway station. I might have to take a camera over and cover that event.


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"if resistance against Bush... (Below threshold)

"if resistance against Bush actually plays into Bush's hands, is it really resistance?"

Resistance is futile! The Chimp has outsmarted them again. I hope the NYPD turns the firehoses on those soap-dodging hippies. The resulting patchouli/skin oil film could be reprocessed into thousands of gallons of bio-diesel.

Wow, okay, I'm going to go rejoin the real world. This rant brought to you by too much time in blog-world.






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