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Olympic Babe Of The Day - Mia Hamm

Mia Hamm plays her last Olympic soccer game tonight for the gold medal against Brazil.

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They already won the gold. ... (Below threshold)

They already won the gold. She's a UNC grad BTW.

I was hoping she'd be the O... (Below threshold)

I was hoping she'd be the Olympic babe of the day. Lord knows she deserves it, in both the "Olympic" and "babe" senses.

Chris: there's a special place in hell reserved for people who post spoilers.

I watched it on TV. If I s... (Below threshold)

I watched it on TV. If I spoiled it for someone then you need to unplug your computer from your network.

Congrats, Kev. You picked o... (Below threshold)

Congrats, Kev. You picked one wearing actual clothing!

HaHa - clothes on - love it... (Below threshold)

HaHa - clothes on - love it. Is she related to Paul and Morgan Hamm?

Olympic family.

Whoo hoo, I love womens soc... (Below threshold)

Whoo hoo, I love womens soccer! That Germany-Sweden game for the bronze this morning was excellent as well.

Lord knows I love Mia to death, but she has some weird toes man.

My guts is yes.... (Below threshold)

My guts is yes.

"She's a UNC grad BTW."... (Below threshold)

"She's a UNC grad BTW."

And yet, for some reason, I don't hold that against her.

why is she reitering she i... (Below threshold)
kristen reindel:

why is she reitering she is so good at soccer






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