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RNC Bloggers Profiled

The Wall Street Journal has profiles of the credentialed bloggers for the RNC. Check it out, then head over to RNCBloggers to start monitoring the coverage.

If I do say so myself, RNCBloggers turned out real nice. Thanks to Pete, Moody Mama, and Suzy for the excellent teamwork.


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Comments (3)

Nice picture, Kevin.... (Below threshold)

Nice picture, Kevin.

Hey, Kevin, thanks for the ... (Below threshold)

Hey, Kevin, thanks for the mention.

The WSJ article is very interesting, especially given that I'm relatively familiar as a reader with most on that list -- as to reading the personalities in print -- so it's an added dimension to see the faces associated with most of the personalities.

You all are going to do such a great job, I just know it. It's a remarkably observant and varied range of persons selected (the RNC Bloggers). And wonderful to read. I'm very much looking forward to reading each and every hour I can of the developing news/blogs...err, newogs...err, neblogs...err, rncblogs.

HERE'S THE DEDICATED PAGE, HOWEVER, THAT THE PUBLIC CAN ACCESS TO GRAB A VARIETY OF LOGO SIZES TO ACCOMPANY THE BLOGROLL CODE DISPLAY...I'll republish the page later tonight (URL won't change, however) to include the variety of blogroll codes you've mentioned (here, yesterday I think it was)...

...but what's there today (your blogroll code with a variety of image file sizes and styles for anyone's use along with the blogroll code display) is just fine and dandy, if anyone is looking for a -- (variety of file sizes) -- logo to display on their site....


Saw your pic, kind of have ... (Below threshold)

Saw your pic, kind of have to agree with Rusty on one point. Still think you need to change colors on the RNCblog.






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