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Swift Boat Vets Release Third Ad

You must give the Swift Boat Veterans one thing. They have done more with $40,000 in donations than moveon.org has done with 40 million.

Their third ad is, surprisingly, even more devastating than the second one. Rather than them running out of things to say, the ads are getting stronger.

They destroy all of Lanny Davis's spin with the opening line:

Steve Gardner: "I spent more time on John Kerry's boat than any other crewman."

Then in the next 3 lines he says Kerry lied about his Christmas in Cambodia story and there was no secret mission.

Four of the most powerful sentences ever in a Presidential ad. I think this one might be as (in)famous as Willie Horton. It is stunningly simple but incredibly powerful.

Of course look for the news story in 2 days that Steve Gardner abuses small animals. The Democrats will claim it and the lap dog media will run with it.


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Comments (18)

Heard Steve Gardner on a ra... (Below threshold)

Heard Steve Gardner on a radio interview a few weeks ago. Intelligent, articulate, and didn't come across as a frothing-at-the-mouth ABB'er or ABK'er in this case. I'm sure if he looked the wrong way at a yellow light, we'll hear about it.

I read "Unfit for Command" ... (Below threshold)

I read "Unfit for Command" last weekend, and it is chock full o' stuff. The Swiftees could run a new ad every week until the election, and still not cover all of the problems with Komrade Kerry.
Speaking of which, yet another chapter of the book is available online via HumanEventsOnline for those who are having trouble finding a hard copy.

He was asked earlier today ... (Below threshold)

He was asked earlier today if he thinks the Dem hatchet men will be digging in his past to smear him. He responded "Don't know and really don't care." He came across as genuine.

The hit peice on Gardner wa... (Below threshold)

The hit peice on Gardner was pre-staged:

Funny thing, Gardner is the only one with a different story, the rest are all lock step with Kerry's story. Most stories after 30 years would have a little bit of variety, but not the Kerry supporters...


Gardner abuses the media?</... (Below threshold)

Gardner abuses the media?

Steve Gardner abuses small animals.
Lapdogs are small animals.
The media are lap dogs.

Therefore, Steve Gardner abuses the media.

Don't think of it as an undistributed middle. Think of it as a repealed government tax cut is not a tax increase middle.

As Cambodia has received on... (Below threshold)

As Cambodia has received only marginal play, for the undecideds, won't most of them just be scratching their heads when they see this? Of course, for everyone following the story, it's pretty powerful. For my mental model of this election to be correct, only a couple of people need to be liars (Kerry, McAuliffe, Moore). But every day, the Left has to add someone new to their Liars List in order to maintain their internal mental consistency.

they will have him a pedoph... (Below threshold)

they will have him a pedophile or a junkie by the end of the week.

Terry McCaulif is a bottom feeder. Everytime i see him I want to puke. bleh bleh bleh

Steve Gardner was on 'Scarb... (Below threshold)
Dan Clark:

Steve Gardner was on 'Scarborough Country' on August 20 to discuss Kerry in Cambodia (see www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5797082/ ). Mr. Gardner stated that Kerry never went to Cambodia and then discussed the 'sampan incident'. Mr. Gardner stated that Kerry allowed a sampan to get in too close to the swift boat because someone wasn't doing his job. This incident occurred after dark, and nobody was watching the radar. Mr. Gardner had to open fire on the sampan when a man swung up with a gun. The man was killed and, accidently a boy was also killed. Mr. Gardner stated that Kerry turned in a bogus report for the incident ('After Action Report'?) to cover-up the fact that a child was killed because a sampan was allowed to get too close. Mr. Gardner was very impressive and very believable on the Scarborough show.

Does Kerry's book 'Tour of Duty' discuss a 'sampan incident' where a boy is accidently killed in the crossfire? If so, then it would verify that Mr. Gardner is correct in stating that Kerry filed a bogus report for the 'sampan incident'.

Dan Clark

I guess we should vote for ... (Below threshold)

I guess we should vote for a coward, who skipped Vietnam entirely, rather than a some who's war hero status is in dispute. Think about it. At least Kerry didn't lie and say he was part of the Air Force when he wasn't. And Kerry was actually in Vietnam, not skipping his duty and getting charge w/ DUI. Think!

Oooh, lookie! It's vapid l... (Below threshold)

Oooh, lookie! It's vapid little moonbat droppings recyclying Moron.Org delusions!

The whole Bush AWOL meme was thoroughly debunked for thinking people several months ago, but then, leftists will believe anything, forever and ever, amen.

Little fuckstains probably still think Karl Marx was right, too.

That bloodcurdling shriek u... (Below threshold)

That bloodcurdling shriek u heard was the Media Establishment trying to pull the stake outta its heart.

Yes, go ahead and vote for... (Below threshold)

Yes, go ahead and vote for a man that took an oath, then took the extra pay and privileges of a commissioned officer. Then after whatever exploits were actually real, came back and ran for office as a war hero and lost. Got his enlistment cut short, too.
Having failed to attain office that route he changed directions, surrounded himself with 'veterans' many of whom never spent one single day in uniform, others of whom had not ever set foot in a combat zone, all of whom refused to testify under oath, even when offered full immunity (that pesky perjury exception to immunity, you know) and slimed the names of every swinging dick that ever wore Uncle's suit. Slimed the good name of every man who came home in a shiny aluminum box with lies. Lies about alleged crimes that were never committed. For as long as that long black wall in Washington, DC has stood, John Kerry has been rubbing human feces on to those names.
I don't know what that cocksucker did in Viet Nam, I was thirty fucking months in another AO, Randy, one without movie cameras, hell, instamatics were too heavy to carry on a hump through the bush after one's first patrol. I don't know what the sonofabitch did over there, I only know what he did here. And what he did here was lie about men whose sweaty jockstraps he is not fit to carry. What he did here was to deliberately slander 58,000 men who aren't around to answer because the medals they got were posthumus.
Assholes like you, Randy, think this is about George Bush because you don't know any of those names on the Wall.
It's not about George Bush, it's about an overpriveliged Yankee blueblood who may as well have walked into 58,000 American homes and pissed on every one of those neatly folded flags.
Now, thirtythree years later he has the gall to return to those same homes and steal those flags to parade himself around, wrapped in the flags that covered the bodies of my friends.
That's what this is about, not George Bush. John Kerry slimed the names and the honor of every young man that stood with his buddies while this Hee-row pulled strings to come home early.
There are a whole bunch of really pissed off veterans, some of us gave limbs, all of us gave our youth and we want to restore the honor to those names on the wall. For thirty-three years we've had to listen to you little fucks, Randy because we had no way to make our voices heard. It's over. This is where it stops. John Kerry has dug up the bodies of our brothers to stand on in a desperate attempt to give himself a little stature.
Pretty funny, this big brave War Hee-row with a chest full of medals has to go crying to daddy George Bush to make those mean old veterans stop picking on meeee!
Most of us stop running to mommy and daddy when we are about seven or eight. Most of us fight our own fights. Like this one. The fight is on, stay out of the way. It's not for you, Randy, this fight is for the men.

Amen Peter... God bless the... (Below threshold)

Amen Peter... God bless the Veterans...Kerry is a discrace to the American people

The biggest shock to my rea... (Below threshold)

The biggest shock to my read this morning is the litany of Leftist determination and repeats, hot head explosions on network shows, Democrats yelling down and speaking over anyone who asks any questions that pose a requirement to reason about what the Swiftvets have to say, and what Kerry hasn't said -- or has said that is "inconsistent" (the quotes applied to that word by me here is for emphasis -- the Left and otherwise Kerry apologists are being asked civily about specific points and they retort by yelling about nearly anything and everything except what they're asked, and they routinely include 'you're lying!' to and about anyone with information to pose).

As examples of that, there is this thread alone...it's the same thing, from those who deign to write here who are obviously Kerry apologists, writing as if they're hypnotized by some sort of dogma they just can't get out from under, a giant weighty mass bearing down on them that keeps them fitful, occupied, possessed.

The Swiftvets are doing a remarkable service to our country. And that is, bringing truth and personal history to bear where "inaccuracies" and possible con games have persisted instead, and from, particularly, the time when Kerry made his resentful trip to Vietnam and then began his media campaign from that point forward for political purposes.

Although a wretched thing, sometimes war is necessary. But, to Kerry apologists, it's a simple "you're a liar" and the other contrary simplistic of "war is bad".

But Kerry is worse. We don't need another lying liar in the White House with the grandiosity of his own private National History to supplant and overwrite the sense, experience and observations of everyone else. Much less values.

Kerry needs to get clear of his delusions but I don't see that happening any time sooner or later, what with his apologists so eager to encourage him and his delusions to persist along the path. No surprise there.

From what I've heard and read from and by the Left, a veteran is only as honorable to the degree that they "support" Kerry. And even Kerry admitted -- and numerous times, in numerous statements and on tape -- that he committed "war crimes."

So, you either accept this flimsy, unreliable reasoning by Kerry, that to be an honorable military person, you committed war crimes in Vietnam because you were supposed or compelled to and you blame the "U.S. government" for "making" you do these things. If you believe otherwise, you're "a liar" the Kerry/DNC theology goes.

Umm...what I can't figure out is why anyone, ANYone, would now or ever has given this guy one shred of serious consideration. It's embarrassing to see the media fall and fall so easily before the delusions, so willing to dismiss what the Swiftvets have to offer just because it counters Kerry's concept of reality.

Great job Peter. Kudos to y... (Below threshold)

Great job Peter. Kudos to you. From one vet to another I thank you. You spoke for me and for thousands of other vets as well. My father, a registered democrat, is teetering I believe. 2 tours of duty in Viet Nam and he is ashamed..truly ashamed of John Kerry.

Retired Rear Adm. William L... (Below threshold)

Retired Rear Adm. William L. Schachte Jr. has now also directly
contradicted Lanny Davis who said he wasn't present at
the event that obtained Kerry his first Purple Heart.

Lanny Davis is reviving the old Clinton tricks of lies.
It seems that the Democrats never learn. Just as
James Carville's lies brought out Paula Jones,
Lanny Davis' lies have now brought out Adm. Schachte.

These guys (like Davis and Carville) think they are helping
their party when, in fact, they are destroying it.

Well said Peter. And thank ... (Below threshold)

Well said Peter. And thank you for your sacrifice and service.

What Peter says is what rea... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

What Peter says is what really animates the Vets. The medal scandal and the xmas in Cambodia scandal are 50% important and 50% distraction. What really gets the Vietnam Vets blood boiling is what Kerry said about them once he came home from Vietnam. I don't blame them for being angry.






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