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The Politics of Dancing

Well you know you can't stop it.
When they start to play.
You gotta get out the way.

The politics of dancing.
The politics of ooo feeling good.
The politics of moving.
Is this message understood?

Lyrics to The Politics of Dancing by Re-flex from 80's Music Lyrics. Link via InstaPundit.

Comments (5)

No!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't get... (Below threshold)

No!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't get it out of my head!!!

god damn it ... where are m... (Below threshold)

god damn it ... where are my Ramones stuff? I need to clean my brain!

I read the original source ... (Below threshold)

I read the original source ("Johh Perry Barlow"'s blog) and there was a lot of reference there about death. The events of death. People dying. Celebrations about someone's death...

The guy is a definite bummer. I think he takes that pyramid a bit too seriously, or, rather, I'd put money if I was a betting person on the fact that old Barlow's got some idea he's one of the Pharoah's brought back to honor the world with his Recurring Presence.

Either that or the site is an entire parody.

Since I've heard this guy on television on a few occasions, I'd say that it's a safe bet that it's not a parody, which is too bad.

Doing a happy dance in my mind as I write this.

waay too deep, -S-bu... (Below threshold)

waay too deep, -S-
but enjoy your moment

Hey! I was the one who tho... (Below threshold)

Hey! I was the one who thought of that song first! (Look way down on the comment list in that post)

I demand recognition!

Wait a sec, I don't want to be associated with this nuttery. Never mind.

Still sounds like a possible opportunity for a good time, if they pick good dancing music. I hope they break out doing the Safety Dance.






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