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Twenty Questions For Kerry

Peter Kirsanow writes in National Review Online:

Senator Kerry has been pretty successfully avoiding the media, but sometime between now and November 2 he'll have to sit down for a far-ranging interview on a program other than The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Thus far, most Kerry interviews have been less-than-penetrating (one recent poll even indicates that nearly a third of the electorate knows very little about John Kerry) and certainly not hostile (in comparison, see, among other things, President Bush's press conference of last spring). Bill Clinton was subjected to far-greater scrutiny by this time in the 1992 election cycle. Kerry's legendary policy flip-flops as well as his campaign's shifting stories related to the current controversy compel questioning at least as tough as that directed at Kerry's critics.

Here are only a few of the questions Kerry hasn't adequately addressed. They don't even have anything to do with swift boats...

See the 20 questions.


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Comments (7)

20 questions? That's... (Below threshold)

20 questions? That's a lot more like 60 questions!

Typical misleading by conse... (Below threshold)

Typical misleading by conservatives.

Either that or the guy can't count very well.

That is way more than 20 questions.

Hoosier, I don't know what ... (Below threshold)

Hoosier, I don't know what planet you've been living on, but all politicians mislead. Thinking that it's endemic only to one side of the aisle is naive.

The fixation on the number of questions is interesting, though. I don't care what number of questions are asked; rather, I care what the answers to those questions are.

What can I say, Jon, I'm an... (Below threshold)

What can I say, Jon, I'm an engineer (of the software variety). I normally react as I did when I realize that the actual quantity of something is three times the number I was told.

But I, too, am interested in the answers to the questions. Which is a shame, because I'm going to be disappointed when we don't ever hear the answers.

Oh stop being a pessimist B... (Below threshold)

Oh stop being a pessimist Boyd, we'll get answers…..a different answer to the same question every time it's asked but answers non-the-less.

I only have 2 questions for... (Below threshold)

I only have 2 questions for him.

What do you really stand for?

Will you still stand for it tomorrow?

I expect the second one will give him some trouble.

My only 2 questions for Joh... (Below threshold)

My only 2 questions for John Kerry:
You didn't see this coming after publishing that book and then snapping that salute? Are you dead from the neck up, or is falling out of a tree to blame for your utter idiocy?






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