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Google Your Outlook

If you're a Microsoft Outlook user there is a new piece of free software from Microsoft that you MUST HAVE!

It's called Lookout, and it's a search engine for your e-mail,files, and desktop integrated with Microsoft Outlook™. Built on top of a powerful search engine, Lookout is the only personal search engine that can search all of your e-mail from directly within Outlook - in seconds. It's so nice to be able to search across all of my separate PST files from one spot.

Download Lookout v1.2

Support and FAQ can be found here.

Comments (6)

Sorry, Kevin, will not do. ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Sorry, Kevin, will not do. I've heard too many computer security experts describe Outlook (or "Outhouse") as a "viral delivery system with some e-mail features." I've never used it, never will, and with this reminder I think I'll try to uninstall it from my computer when I get home tonight.


Jay, unless you want to kil... (Below threshold)

Jay, unless you want to kill your machine, leave Outlook installed, just don't use it. Microsoft has so integrated it's OS and software that attempts to uninstall one piece has been know to hose the entire computer (my father's).

I have two words for you: Mozilla Thunderbird.

Every Win machine in my bui... (Below threshold)

Every Win machine in my building has had IE/OE hidden and Firefox and Thunderbird replacing it on the desktop.
Uninstall, like jen says, is like playing with fire in a room full of wicker furniture covered in gasoline.

I use Pegasus. It has some ... (Below threshold)

I use Pegasus. It has some weird GUI anomalies, like not refreshing its windows when you would think it should and the like. But, it's better than free Eudora which used the absurdly non-robuse Unix mbx format.

On the server I use pine, which means when I sort by subject I can quickly delete messages without having to download them first.

I would also never use Outlook for the reasons previously stated.

For something I might be doing, could someone clue me into where Outlook stores these PST files? Is it generally in one location, or can you have PST files located all over your hard drive?

Don't confuse Outlook and O... (Below threshold)

Don't confuse Outlook and Outlook Express. Neither of them, sitting unused and not set as the default email agent, will cause you any problems just left on your computer. OTOH, it's absolutely no problem to uninstall Outlook, since it's not in any way a part of the OS.

Lonewacko, you can put them anywhere you want. Upon installation, Outlook has a default path, but you can open Outlook data files (.pst files) from anywhere.

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