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GOP Babe Of The Day - Laurie Coleman

The Olympic Babe Of The Day is going so well, you had to know that I'd try it at the Republican National Convention. Here is the first GOP Babe Of The Day (RNC Edition):

Laurie Coleman

See the shocking lingerie picture!!! [Ed - I know I over-hyped it]

Richard Leiby (Washington Post's Reliable Source) breaks the Laurie Coleman story:

Eager to promote her career as a Hollywood actress, Laurie Coleman, wife of Republican Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota, has authorized our exclusive publication of photos that show her in glamorous, provocative poses -- just in time for next week's Republican National Convention, where her husband, coincidentally, is among the operatives striving to add sizzle and star power to President Bush's coronation. [More]
The GOP Babe Of The Day (RNC Edition) has but one rule - she must be actually be attending the convention. I'll be on the lookout on-site (equipped with the requisite digital camera), but interested participants can send pictures in advance.

Hat Tip: Rusty Shackelford


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Comments (11)

I remember back when Colema... (Below threshold)

I remember back when Coleman was running for Senate how Garrison Keillor accused him of having a rather sordid private life. Seeing the pic of the missus only thickens the plot.

The plot ain't the only thi... (Below threshold)

The plot ain't the only thing that's thickening right this minute...

I remember Keillor saying t... (Below threshold)

I remember Keillor saying that, though I have to wonder if Garrison objects to a politician having a "sordid personal life" with their spouse?

Personally, I'm 100% behind Coleman getting some freaky nookie from his wife.

The Illinois Republican Par... (Below threshold)

The Illinois Republican Party could use more men like you, Rob.

From the WP article:<... (Below threshold)

From the WP article:

"Her career has included *dancing* and acting"


Pretty girl says, "I'm a dancer." Translate.

NTTAWWT, of course.

No doubt. The way I see it... (Below threshold)

No doubt. The way I see it, if a couple wants to get reaky with other couples, that's a personal choice. Far be it for me to interfere.

and we saw what a "sordid p... (Below threshold)

and we saw what a "sordid private life" did for Jack Ryan didn't we....

So she's naturally sensual,... (Below threshold)

So she's naturally sensual, so what?

Dirty minds, all you guys. :-)

Last time I go to a near-si... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

Last time I go to a near-sighted proctologist!

Rob, Freekie nook... (Below threshold)


Freekie nookie? Clearly you aren't from the Twin Cities, so are not familiar with their distance relationship. The pictures are probably the most he has seen of her since the election, when she flew in for photo ops to pose as his wife.

who cares about what garris... (Below threshold)

who cares about what garrison thinks--laurie looks great






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