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Make Jihad Fun for the Whole Family!

Who says suicide bombing can't be family fun?

Female 'jihadis' get online magazine

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — An Islamist women's group has launched an Internet magazine aimed at recruiting Arab women to fight holy wars against non-Muslims.

The Al-Khansaa magazine, launched about a week ago and expected to appear monthly, also provides fitness tips for female "jihadis," or holy warriors, information on treating injuries and advice on raising children to fight nonbelievers.

I don't think this is what Dan Quayle had in mind when he was talking about family values.

Comments (3)

First the women's softball ... (Below threshold)

First the women's softball team, then the women's soccer team, now this.


It's just so beautiful.

One good fitness tip jihadi... (Below threshold)

One good fitness tip jihadis might want to consider is to avoid armed conflicts and to refrain from suicide bombings.

You have to admit, there's ... (Below threshold)

You have to admit, there's no quicker way to shed that ugly cellulite on the hips...






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