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Movin' on up

Well, apparently my attempts to sway the Council of Watchers have borne fruit. Not only did I tie for fifth in this week's contest, I moved up from 2/3 of a vote to a one whole vote. Never underestimate the persuasive powers of bribes, begging, and carefully-preserved photographic negatives.

I can't quibble with the winner; JustOneMinute's scripting of an anti-Kerry ad, juxtaposing quotes from John Kerry in 1971 and his acceptance speech at the DNC last month. It was brilliant, and since it looks like the Swifties won't be using it, maybe one of ther other anti-Kerry 527 groups (there are a couple, I think) would do well to take it and run with it.

I find myself creeping up in the standings. By extrapolating from available data, I calculate that I will win the contest in about... let's see... divide by 14... carry the seven... factor in the relative humidity... divide by the phase of the moon...

Anyone got a calendar for the year 2017?


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(reserved, kinda like a golf fan sitting off the fairway)
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