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Now Here's a Headline You Don't See Everyday

Gator Bites Dog; Man Stabs Gator; Dog Runs

GAINESVILLE, Fla. - A man jumped in a pond and stabbed a 6-foot alligator with a pocketknife to force the reptile to release his dog from its jaws.

Matthew Goff, 29, said he was walking Sugar, a tan-colored bloodhound/Shar-Pei mix, in a park when the attack occurred Wednesday evening. The unleashed dog wandered to the edge of the pond and the gator grabbed its head.

"I couldn't stand by and watch it happen and I had the pocketknife so I decided to try and save her," Goff said.

The gator released Sugar when Goff stabbed the reptile in the eye. The dog then ran home, escaping with three teeth marks on and about her head. Goff had a few scratches.

Comments (4)

Wow, that's love. I mean, a... (Below threshold)

Wow, that's love. I mean, a 6-foot gator isn't a man-eater, but it can sure do some damage.

Shar-pei bloodhound mix? T... (Below threshold)

Shar-pei bloodhound mix? That's gotta be the world's ugliest dawg.

Goff had a few scratches... (Below threshold)

Goff had a few scratches

Someone put that man in for a Purple Heart.

I utterly and completely re... (Below threshold)

I utterly and completely reject this story. It is nothing but a pure character assassination, and it impuges on my pride and dignity!

Clearly, this dog 'Sugar' was given to me as a snack, and the despicable Mr. Goff then acted inappropriately by withdrawing his previous offer.

I believe that PETA is behind this sham, and I ask Mr. Goff to join me in rejecting their Gator-assassination, and decrying other unfair, shady 527 organizations.






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