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Bang for your buck

I know I've said before it's not fair to judge a candidate by their supporters or their detractors, but I really, really think this is relevant.

The major players among the anti-Bush 527 groups -- MoveOn.org, The Media Fund, America Coming Together -- have between them raised well in excess of 60 million dollars.

The Swift Boat Veterans For The Truth have, at generous estimations, raised maybe two million dollars.

Not to stereotype, but I find it exceptionally symbolic that the liberals are throwing more and more and more money at a situation, but keep doing worse and worse and worse. The Swifties have been astonishingly successful at getting their message across despite a more than 30-to-one gap in money and open hostility from the mainstream media. (One need only compare the effort the Washington Post spent on uncovering a single Swiftie's service records versus uncovering John Kerry's.)

I think I know which side I'd rather have holding the nation's purse strings...


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and open hostility from the... (Below threshold)

and open hostility from the mainstream media. - I guess by "open hostility" you mean reporting that these "Swifties" are hacks.

At least our guy served. Have fun at the convention, dude.

(utterly off-topic and self... (Below threshold)
George Washington:

(utterly off-topic and self-serving posting deleted)

Sorry, "George." At least try to confine your comments to GERMANE postings.


I don't find anything aston... (Below threshold)

I don't find anything astonishing in the fact that FoxNews and CNN have been giving free publicity for this project. Certainly they're not "mainstream" media, but they have more viewers than the Washington Post has readers.

Also you'll find that Kerry's records were intensively investigated during the Nixon years. If Nixon didn't find anything, there's nothing to find.

CNN and Fox News aren't mai... (Below threshold)

CNN and Fox News aren't mainstream media outlets?

I must have misunderstood that comment.

Jeff, adjust your thinking ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Jeff, adjust your thinking to redefine "mainstream" as "media that reinforces what I believe." Then it makes perfect sense.

Of course, the removal of that many brain cells at once could be rather painful, and have other severe repercussions...


Yes, it's symbolic as hell.... (Below threshold)

Yes, it's symbolic as hell. But beyond that, it means that the public tends to gravitate toward the truth (or something that seems fact-based) rather than obvious, out-and-out propoganda. Good for the public!

Its easy to save money on a... (Below threshold)

Its easy to save money on ads if your hands are not tied with litle things like truth and accuracy.

In that spirit I heard there were a few guys who served with George Bush during his national guard days who were'nt at all happy with the way he got to show up whenever he wanted.

Lt. Whatchamacallit specifically said Bush often showed up so high on cocaine the insructors would have to excuse him for the day.

While Dr. Youknow said he failed his first three mandatory drug test and he would have had him removed from active flight duty if Bush hadn't of been transferred first.

Then his new commanding officer stated he really can't remember ever seeing Bush in the first place. But figuires that was because Bush was quiet and nondescript. Instead of AWOL like so many of the lefty nutcases believe.

Yeah when you don't bother with the truth and your followers are willing to spread your lies for you it doesn't cost as much.

In three weeks of hitting a... (Below threshold)

In three weeks of hitting about twenty blogs several times a day, from Oliver Willis to Captainsquarters, and having read several hundred comments to posts about Kerry-Vietnam, I believe I can fairly say that I have found no more than a dozen posts from Kerry supporters (Bush-haters?) to make even a pretense at arguing that Kerry was essentially truthful about all material issues regarding Vietnam. And of those dozen or less attempts, NOT ONE has attempted to sift even Kerry's own statements, much less the often-contradictory statements of his Brothers, to provide a consistent, coherent, definitve statement about ANY questioned area.

Rather, virtually across the board, the responses are similar to those here from ShawnTLL, George Washington and IXLNXS: You're gonna get yours, fascists! Your guy's a bigger one! Haliburton! BushLied! BushAWOL! Karl Rove evil genius! Liar liar, pants on fire!

No arguments or questions relevant to a genuine interest in finding the truth what.so.ever.

Well, I did my dissertation... (Below threshold)

Well, I did my dissertation on the 1996 congressional elections, and as a rule Democrats were slightly more "efficient" (in terms of dollars per vote) than Republicans. Chances are that's because they generally got more money from individuals, and Republicans more from PACs. But, of course, the Soros thing is wildly atypical.

JT, you're late on the upta... (Below threshold)

JT, you're late on the uptake on this one. Even a low-end blogger like me had this ridiculous 120:1 Dem:Repub 527 ratio early last week. See here for more.

Monk-eyboy, I'll see your A... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Monk-eyboy, I'll see your August 23 posting on 527 groups, and raise ya an August 22 one -- it's where I lifted my own numbers from. This posting was based on the Swifties' getting HUGE donations since then.


Welllll, as with the Demos'... (Below threshold)

Welllll, as with the Demos' approach toward "government," it's the "throw a lot of money at it" as solution, which never solves the conditions or problems so much as it does proliferate the conditions and problems (poverty, for instance, is never solved by giving someone indescript money -- even impovershed persons who win lotteries [a LOT of money, compared to "aid" amounts] are often reported, nearly all, to resume poverty years later because they spend all the money or otherwise lose it).

So, again the Demos demonstrate that throwing a lot of money at a problem won't necessarily change the context and content of the problem, just make an attempt at changing the cosmetics.

I see this all the time: Demos rant about "rights" and "the environment" and "jobs" while engaging in poor money management, bad habits and self pity and lifestyles that aren't necessarily "environmentally friendly" except buying hybrids, recycling bottles, not eating tuna (it doesn't change the need for mass produced goods and how they're produced, how to keep a manufacturer in business without regulating him to the poorhouse and bringing about the loss of all those jobs Demos say they care about).

Republicans, conservatives tend to focus on changing and modifying the conditions by which a person's result was poor, but leave it up to the individual to make their own changes (or, not, but you reap your own rewards is the point).

So, the point here, as with most behaviors by Demos, just throwing huge gobs of money at a problem won't change the problem or change how people are affected about the problem, for the most part. You can't change people's intuitions and when they intuit a false promise, a fake statement, false sentiments -- as in Kerry's and Edwards' cases -- they're going to not be so impressed.

You can't buy good faith. You can buy a lot of shiny things that certain people are impressed by, but, you're just impressing the impressionable and not making any headway into acceptability to people who otherwise smell a rat.

"Swifties' getting HUGE don... (Below threshold)
jim russell:

"Swifties' getting HUGE donations since then."
Yeah - sure ; huge - they got 25.00 from me too .

But then I was there . this has nothing to do with bush . The swifties are about Kerry -nothing to do with bush - get that through everyones head







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