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CNN: All the news that fits our agenda

A recent comment mentioned that the reason the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has been doing so well is the heavy coverage they've received from "FoxNews and CNN." That struck me as a bit odd, so I went over to cnn.com and Searched for "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth." 31 total stories came up -- the following is a precis of each story.

August 6: Swifties release first ad.
McCain condemns Swifties ad.
Piece on the main guy funding the Swifties.

August 19: Kerry blasts Bush over Swifties' ads.
Kerry blasts Swifties' ads.

August 20: Swifties release ad #2.
Kerry calls on Bush to condemn Swifties.

August 21: Kerry files FEC complaint against Swifties.

August 22: Bush denounces "smear tactics."

August 23: Bush adviser quits after appearing in Swiftie ad.
Kerry releases ad blaming Bush for Swifty ads.
Bush calls for end to all 527 groups, including Swifties.
Kerry in combat, assailed by Swifties.

August 24: Bush campaign lawyer also advised Swifties.
Bush calls on Kerry to also condemn all 527 ads.
Kerry campaign starts using term "Fear and Smear."

August 25: Kerry still talking about Swift Boats.
RNC convention preview.
Cleland goes to Crawford.
Text of letter to Bush.
Bush campaign lawyer resigns.
Kerry uses term "fear and smear" again.

August 26: John O'Neill's credibility questioned.
Bush lawyer resigns again.
More on the Crawford failed letter exchange.
Bush asks McCain to sink 527s.
Bush and Edwards both end up in New Mexico.

August 28: RNC convention preview.
Latest polling results
Piece on President Bush and Viet Nam, featuring prominent description of a MoveOn.org ad charging Bush with "being AWOL from the National Guard."

Yeah, that bastion of conservatism and Bush-backing CNN is really pounding John Kerry on behalf of the Swifties, isn't it?


Anyone who wishes to fact-check me can click here to see the results of my search, or go do it yourself. I LIKE it when people fact-check me. In fact, I double-dog-dare ya.

Comments (13)

This post title pretty accu... (Below threshold)

This post title pretty accurately describes your site as well J.


that's funny, i took the da... (Below threshold)
nova silverpill:

that's funny, i took the day off sick the other day and watched cnn and headline news the other day, and it was mention EVERY 30 minutes on headline news, and at least 7-8 times (prolly more since i flipped around) on various segments. also, all the talking heads were giving a lot of credence to the possibility that these guys have a legit beef, which we all know is stupidly false. stop kidding yourself.

an online website will only have one story a day on a subject. have you ever heard of links?

tell me more of these "onli... (Below threshold)

tell me more of these "online websites"

Luke: That's why this site ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Luke: That's why this site (which isn't mine, by the way -- I'm just a guest who's probably getting close to overstaying his welcome) is about OPINIONS, not NEWS, unlike the Cable NEWS Network.
(SLAP! back at ya)

Nova, "which we all know is stupidly false?" Then why has the Kerry campaign already backed off on the Cambodia story and acknowledged the first Purple Heart might have been from an accidental, self-inflicted wound?

Just saying "we all know is stupidly false" doesn't mean dog-squat. It has about as much validity as my saying "John Kerry, as everyone knows, has 'I (heart) Ho Chi Minh' tattooed on his left butt cheek."


The rationales that must be... (Below threshold)

The rationales that must be gone throught to both ignore the current times, like hey dude, people are dying in Iraq, and forget that your nominee was a rich yuppie that avoided Nam are laughable.

Kerry must really be hemorr... (Below threshold)

Kerry must really be hemorrhaging if this post attracted all these Kerryistas. Most posts about Kerry's ever-changing Vietnam story only attract comments from one or two 'bats.

JD, you are sooo right. I'm... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

JD, you are sooo right. I'm just glad that Kerry isn't a rich yuppie too.

Kerry is a rich hippie prep... (Below threshold)

Kerry is a rich hippie preppie yuppie. That makes him different, don't you know.

Click this and you can tell... (Below threshold)

Click this and you can tell me where I can fit it. 8^P
Results 1 - 68 of about 72 from www.foxnews.com for Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

The rationales that mus... (Below threshold)

The rationales that must be gone throught [sic] to both ignore the current times, like hey dude, people are dying in Iraq, and forget that your nominee [Kerry] didn't desire to go to Vietnam ("I didn't really want to get involved in the war,"), and when he did he chose what he thought was the easiest way in. ("When I signed up for the swift boats, they had very little to do with the war. They were engaged in coastal patrolling and that's what I thought I was going to be doing.").

In speaking about Clinton 1992 he [Kerry] promised not inject Vietnam into that election, yet when he is attempting to become President the only reason he has given to vote for him has been "I was a war hero" because he is afraid people will look at his voting record in the Senate and discover it contains more "nos" than asking a Quaker whore to give up a little action.

Mark Adams: Interesting li... (Below threshold)

Mark Adams: Interesting little protest jumpup happy dance you did on the thread. JayTea made a point of focusing on CNN and then posing his rhetorical, sarcastic comment about, again, CNN.

You counter with a link to a Google search for FOX. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, same thing that Kerry (nd Edwards) does: wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, only they include several "V"'s in their configuration.

J. True enough, and yet you... (Below threshold)

J. True enough, and yet you don't turn the critical lens on Fox News, which is about twice as far on the other end of the objectivity spectrum from CNN.

Luke, I try to occasionally... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Luke, I try to occasionally have a life, and earlier this week Kevin asked us guest posters to try to find other things to post about besides Kerry. If you wanna do your own analysis of Fox, be my guest.

Or, if you like, for the sake of argument, I'll grant that Fox is ideologically opposed from CNN, and balances it out. If I give you Fox, will you give me CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, NPR, the New York Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and the vast majority of the rest of the mainstream media? Hell, even if I accept your absurd premise that Fox is "twice" as biased as CNN, they're still hugely outnumbered.

It kills you that not only is there a big media organization that is only not liberal, but actually succeding wildly, doesn't it?







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