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Service technician potty humor

A while ago at work I had to call for service on one of our copiers. It was leaving streaks on the copies it produced. However, I must have been tired when I called it in, because the tech told me everyone had a huge laugh at my describing the machine as "leaving skid marks" on the copies.

Today, though, another tech told me an even better one. He was responsible for a place with nine identical machines, all named after planets. #7 was down until a part came in later that week. While waiting, #2 developed another problem. His boss told him to replace the damaged part in #2 with one from #7, then replace #7's when he fixed it's initial problem.

So far so good. But the way the boss chose to give those directions instantly became legend. Apparently countless techs got to hear their boss saying "take the fuser roller out of Uranus and put it in Venus..."


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