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A symbolic blast from the past

It's been said that you can judge a man by the quality of his enemies. When I first heard about the protests against Secretary of State Powell's planned trip to the Olympics, I chalked it up to the knee-jerk anti-Americanism that is all the rage these days. I especially found it amusing that they misspelled "Powel" on their big banner.

But it wasn't until I got a real good look at the banner, seeing past the misspelling, that I noticed the big symbol on the far right.

Secretary Powell, you're doing something very right. Keep up the good work.


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Man, you ain't kidding. He... (Below threshold)

Man, you ain't kidding. He is definitely doing something right.

Might be time for me to bootup a little Command & Conquer and defeat the red army a few times.


Shaun McDonnell

I wish every reasonable, th... (Below threshold)

I wish every reasonable, thoughtful person who happens to dislike the President (as opposed to the rabid, frothing Bush-haters) would apply that same reasoning.

If you find yourself agreeing with communists, anarchists, and terrorists, it's not necessarily proof that you're on the wrong side, but it should get you to look real closely your position.

God, were it not for the wi... (Below threshold)

God, were it not for the wilful ignorance of MSM about such supporters, this race would be McGovern '72.

Don't go overboard over the... (Below threshold)

Don't go overboard over the KKE (Greek Communist Party). They have been a major force in Greek politics for decades, and have always been anti-American.

Whenever I see something about the KKE, I always respond, "Oh, them again."

Funny how none of the mains... (Below threshold)

Funny how none of the mainstream media picked up on that "little" detail about the anti-Powell protest . . .






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