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Wizbang RNC Stalker Edition - Wild Cards


In the spirit of democracy I'm giving Wizbang readers a say of who will go on the interview stalking list. Each week leading up to the convention there has been a different category, such as news babes, celebrities, talking heads, etc. Since time is up, and I'm off the the airport in a few minutes, I thought I'd leave an open forum up to nominate wild card candidates for convention interviews. Who do you want to hear from?

Leave your choice (and reason) in the comment section.

Previous Winners

Talking Head - Ann Coulter
Celebrity - Dennis Miller.
News babe - Laurie Dhue.

Final Reminder

Any money you can spare to sponsor Wizbang's coverage is HUGELY appreciated. As a special incentive, donations of $50 (or more) will get a sponsor link in the Wizbang Sponsors section from the date of their donation through the convention. I'm working on the templates this weekend to fit the sponsor list in.

Everyone who donates will get private access to all the pictures I take during the week, and this BONUS OFFER - Anyone who donates any amount is eligible to a picture of Rob's (SayAnything) girlfriend au natural.


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Comments (4)

How about a teaser from Rob... (Below threshold)

How about a teaser from Rob? Cause, like, what if she's totally ugly?

Just saying.

Find Wayne Newton and ask h... (Below threshold)

Find Wayne Newton and ask him if he'll start up a pro-Bush concert tour.

Here's a pic of <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

Here's a pic of Jess and I in the Badlands.

I don't think she's ugly. In fact, I often wonder what in the hell she's doing with me.

Laurie Dhue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)

Laurie Dhue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!






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