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Another Poll says Bush is Pulling Ahead

Polling is, by definition, an inexact science. What is more important than any single poll is using them to identify trends. The country is trending toward George Bush. Today we have another data point.

Advantage: Incumbent
At the Opening of GOP Convention, Currents Shift Toward Bush

Aug. 30, 2004 The ice in the river is thick, but the currents have moved in President Bush's direction.

As his nominating convention kicks off, an ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Bush has erased most of John Kerry's gains on issues and attributes alike, retaking a sizable lead in trust to handle terrorism, moving ahead on Iraq and battling the Democratic presidential nominee to parity on the economy the three top issues of the 2004 campaign.

Bush also has reclaimed an advantage in being seen as more honest and trustworthy, bolstered his rating for strong leadership and moved to a 10-point lead as better qualified to serve as commander in chief, erasing Kerry's edge in the latter after his convention late last month.

The race between the two remains essentially unchanged even among likely voters, at 48 percent to 48 percent. But the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll shows clear deflation for Kerry across a range of measures: Strong enthusiasm for his candidacy has dropped by 16 points (almost precisely what it gained after Boston), and his personal favorability rating has lost eight points to hit a new low. Bush, meanwhile, has chipped five points off the number of Americans who see him unfavorably.

When you consider this poll released earlier today. And this one of a few days ago, the trend is clear.

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Rasmussen now has Bush ahea... (Below threshold)

Rasmussen now has Bush ahead in their Electoral College Projection, too.


I heard he got a bounce bef... (Below threshold)

I heard he got a bounce before the convention even started. About time, too.

In regards to John McCain, ... (Below threshold)

In regards to John McCain, he actually had tears in his eyes and started sliding down his face before he even finished his speech and then just walked off waving. He's a good man, a respectable man but he just couldn't finish what he had to say and nobody minded. Pretty cool.






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