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Checking In

Good evening, folks. Just letting you all know (mainly Kevin) that I'm home and ready to start covering the convention speeches. I wasn't really planning on this, but since Kevin so graciously volunteered Paul and me to do so to the Wall Street Journal and I had no other plans, I figured I might as well. After all, as a commenter recently pointed out, "when you take the king's shilling, you do the king's bidding."

Since Kevin had to present his credentials to gain admission to the convention, I thought I should present mine before I started spouting. I spent a couple years holding down various editorial positions on my college newspaper and spent a year as a professional journalist before finding it a poor fit. My history as an analyst and commentator is pretty much limited to the work I've done here over the last four months, but I think I've learned a thing or two and have improved. (Pre-empting Rodney and McGehee, among others: yes, I know I had to improve; it would have been a struggle to get WORSE from where I was.)

However, I am not the best at posting on the fly -- it seems that when I do that, I end up spending nearly as much time fixing errors as I did in the initial posting. To cut down on possible errors, I have equipped myself with two free hands, a map, and a flashlight, so I am sufficiently armed to find that part of my anatomy I tend to do most of my talking out of.

My one concern about tonight is the temperature. It's HOT up here in Cow Hampshire, and my building's antiquated electrical system can only support two of three appliances at once: the computer, the TV, and the air conditioner. I hereby preemptively blame any mistakes on heat stroke.


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