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Deep Behind Enemy Lines

Air America

Air Error America is broadcasting from the proverbial belly of beast. Actually they were very nice there (never talked to Al) and I may appear on one of their blogger debate segments later in the week.

Other looks at the media center are available at radiorow.net


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Thanks for the tip on Radio... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the tip on Radio Row and the live cams! I'm blogging live for Janet Parshall's show and now I can see where they are at. :)

JPA Radio Recap

Jon Scott reported earlier ... (Below threshold)

Jon Scott reported earlier this afternoon on Fox News that Al Franken tried to cut in the security line earlier in the day by skipping ahead of a bunch of people in line.

According to the report, he started catching grief and replied that he had to get inside but the people waiting told him they did to and he could go to the back of the line.

Well! If Fox News said it,... (Below threshold)

Well! If Fox News said it, it MUST be true.

I heard that Rush Limbaugh ... (Below threshold)

I heard that Rush Limbaugh is engaging in extramarital sex. As a conservative Christian this deeply concerns me, Rush was one of my heros but if he's doing what that dog Clinton did how can I trust him anymore?






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